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  1. Inspired for 2018?

    i read this about 3-4 months ago. Picked it up at an airport before going away with work. Read the whole thing none sitting and didn't even watch any movies. Been trying to get the time to book a visit ever since. As the dragon-in-law lives not too far away, and can leave the wife and kids with her.!!
  2. How safe....?? Not safe at all i tell you. I place an order at 2pm today, then quite rudely after about an hour i get a text saying my package will be delivered tomorrow. only 18 hours after i order......how dare they!!!!
  3. Cable Query - Canon450D DSLR to Laptop

    i bought one from Maplin, and also a 10 metre extension, the camera is in the garden, and I'm sat inside in the warm.!!
  4. hi, As a fellow newbie(wish), i want to add my two cents and also another option. I whole heartedly agree with the start small and learn advice. i started on a very basic Celestron 130SLT newtonian scope, its light, has goto, shakes whenever you fart near it, but its easy to lift in and out the garage/car and was used every single time it was clear. I've now upgraded to a Celestron AVX mount, as i feel more confident in aligning (you will swear lots!!) and ever started to attempt imaging (swear lots). I'm now contemplating upgrading the scope from the 130SLT to the 200PDS or 250PDS. and so having the same thoughts as you, but about 2 years further into the hobby. My advice : start small, and enjoy the sky before spending a fortune. My other option : Do you want to buy a 130SLT dirt cheap. With a basics included, ready to work. (will be sticking in classifieds in a few weeks otherwise) Cheerio Speng.
  5. how much of a beginner would you say you are? I started about two years ago, with grand plans and a small budget. Bought myself a Celestron 130SLT which was great for visual, and with a T-ring & barlow was a good start into astrophotography of the moon / planets. It also gave me a rude awakening as to how bloody hard photography was down a scope. Over the last two years I have been thrilled, frustrated, and close to kicking the mount. But now i'm hooked, and took a leap with an upgrade to the mount and now planning a new OTA. stick with it, read the odd book or two, and don't rush into photography. As a first scope get something portable and easy to use, as its more important to get your gear out and set up than have a huge scope sat in the garage gathering dust.
  6. just bought tickets for the morrow and also to the lecture on Galaxies. Really looking forward to it, as the nights are creeping in and I've been slowly dropping hints to the wife about some kit thats really nice but just too expensive for now.... (hope its there on sale!!)
  7. Which Power tank

    Most mobile battery's are supplied with an in-built power management system inside the battery, some phones, e-cigs, drones, skateboards....etc, use very cheap Chinese knock-offs. Called Naked Batteries. They don't contain the safety features, hence prone to exploding. Buy decent or buy twice. I use a lot of Li batteries at work, never had any issues, but never use naked battery supplies.
  8. Is this a dream ?

    Clear sky....check. kids sleeping....check brand new mount set up ready to go.....check. coffee....check food....check. loads of clouds suddenly appear from the horizon....FFS.!! not sure if i should pack it all away or just wait 30minutes.
  9. Me too. looks great, and its free, so can't grumble.
  10. So...I've gone and done it. Ordered the mount, the wife got sick of me constantly asking for permission and finally just said 'yes, buy the bloody thing!' 1-3 days till delivery, and then looking at the forecast....2-3 weeks until clear skies.!! Thanks for the help, and will update you when it arrives and i get it aligned. (or, I'll be back asking for more help!!)
  11. i was going to drop the tube off the 130SLT onto it, and also use for AP. if your selling you StarSense shortly, drop me a mail when you do.
  12. Going to finally bite the bullet and jump both feet into this astronomy game with a new mount upgrading from my 130SLT. Would it be worth adding on the StarSense device to aid guiding / aligning, or just do it the normal way? Thanks.
  13. i have a very nice neighbour that decided to put up dancing LED fairy lights in a tree / along a fence so 'the garden looks nice' one nice conversation, and these have now been moved to the other fence and out of my view. to the OP, just be friendly and nice. I loved the idea of showing them what you are doing / looking at. Most people are decent and will try to help if they can. I say...most.
  14. Celestron Advanced VX mount

    All, Loving this thread, it has 'almost' convinced me to switch my plans from upgrading my NexStar 130SLT to a HEQ5 Pro with the 130SLt Tube to the AVX Mount with the 130SLT tube. My question to the educated is...... with the 130SLT tube upon this mount, what level of quality tracking will this enable, and would this improve my first decent foray in deep sky imaging. Thanks Speng.
  15. First upgrades

    Thanks of the comments all. the current scope is fine, struggling to get decent views outside the solar system or bigger deep sky. As for photography, current focus is done via a Barlow with a DSLR, only issue is that you only need to fart near the setup and its shaking for about 20 seconds. Would really like to try deep sky imaging, but the tracking on the 130SLT is not setup for this. Size of scope isn't really a problem, the scope currently lives in the house, but if upgraded will get booted into the garage, so only about 10ft to move into the garden. I would go straight for scope & mount upgrade, question is mainly to try an do it in 2-3 purchases so the wife doesn't kill me.