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  1. Hey, Many thanks to everyone that's commented. I've not replied due to other commitments over the last two months, but that's all clear now, so on with working out what to do with this setup. I didn't realise that this was such a special telecope, so I will do it some justice and get it working some how. I have the controller with me now in England to try to fix it, as it was in France, the telescope and mount is still in France (which is where my father is). So I'm going to work through the details on here - http://gemini-2.com/faqG1.php to see if I can get it working. I think I will aim for the update to Gemini 2, buying it from America as it looks like it's half the price of Europe! I'd like to go for the upgraded worm drive, but it this really necessary at my current lack of ability? Many thanks, M
  2. Hi Pig, The mount isn't a problem (I hope) as we have the Losmandy GM8 mount, it's just that I'm looking for for a more modern way to control it rather than the Gemini q.
  3. Hi, that is for the info. I'll make a call to Ian next week. The main thing I'd like to do is 'upgrade' the goto method, replacing the Gemini controller with something more modern, an interface box and a pc would make things easier! Which is why I was thinking about the AstroEQ, is this a good option? Many thanks, M
  4. Hi, Where do I start? My dad was left a Takahashi Mewlon M-210 relector telscope, with a Losmandy GM8 mount with a Losmandy Gemini Systems controller V1. His good friend owned it and we used to go and visit to see the night sky and planets. He used to set it all up and control it using the slightly antiquated Gemini V1 controller. I understand that it's an an expensive setup, but it's not all working. The controller has an SRAM error when booting up, the unit had been left for nearly a year and the battery was flat. Replacing it only gives the error. I guess we have two options, one is to repair the Gemini controller or use something else to control the mount. I have contacted AstroEQ, but I've not had a reply yet. So could someone let me know of some options that would be available to us, ideally at present, only spending a small amount of money would be best to get it working. If we find it's too advanced in rookie hands then it might be best to trade it in for something smaller and easier... Cheers
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