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  1. Hi Carole, I have the same DSLR, a 450D as you, I have a field flattener on there as well which pushes the DSLR further away from the centre of the mount. Saying that, it does just balance now with my 450D, but when I put on my 7D mk2 I know it will not balance as this is a lot bigger and heavier than the 450D. I'll try the longer dovetail bar then as I think I can get one for about £20 or so as it sounds this will make a difference.
  2. Is it better to avoid adding weights and keep the overall weight lower? If I get the long dovetail bar, is there a quick release way of mounting the finder guider on the main tube rings so that I can still pack the scope away in it box after use?
  3. So my options seem to be 1. Upgrade the saddle, how would this help (sorry for silly question)? 2. Longer dovetail, would this work on it's own or should I do option 3 as well. 3. Is there a way that I could mount the finderscope on the main tube ring(s) as this will help shift the centre of balance away from the camera end? Thanks
  4. My finder maybe to small for that approach. Found a picture of my setup, using the 450D here you can see the tube and dovetail are as far forward as they will go.
  5. I also think the main difference between your setup pictured and mine is that I use the 10x50 finder scope with QHY5 camera for PHD, so this adds weight to the camera end of the scope. With your setup your guider is mounted in line with the main scope on the mount. Maybe instead of a weight either a longer dovetail for the main tube or could I piggy back my finder/guiding scope like yours?
  6. I have HEQ5 mount, I think the tube has been slide down inside the clamps as far as it will go and the dovetail is as far forward as it will go (cannot go flush with the mount as the screw that holds one of the rings is in the way). I'll have a look tonight and see if I can get it to balance with the 7dmk2.
  7. I guess I could do, had not really thought of that.
  8. Ooh, they look like er.. they may fit, not sure pink will go with my setup though
  9. I can't get the tube forward enough, it was right at the limit with my 450D and now that I have a 7Dmk2 it will need weights. I've looked at ankle weights online before, but not sure they look long enough to go around the tube. Have you used them before, if so could you recommend any? Thanks
  10. Hi, Does anyone know of any weights I can buy to put around the front of the tube to help balance it out when i have my canon camera body attached? Ta
  11. Thanks Fozzie, I have a few extra eye pieces, 2x barlow, compass, a few books, basically everything a beginner will need to get started, plus as stated a sun filter that fits over the tube end. so maybe around £280 ??
  12. hi, Not sure if this is the right place for this..... but.... Does anyone know what sort of price I could sell this for in the classifieds ? It only been used a few times and is like new with sun filter and other accessories. it retails for about £400 so I was thinking £200, is that too much? Any suggestion much appreciated. Thanks Steve
  13. Looking good. I'll be interested to see what the final image looks like and also if you think it was easier to process due to the better sensor.
  14. My setup consists of only 2 USB cables, one for the guide cam and one for my Canon 450d. My guide cam is a QHY5 and that has ST4 port and my mount (HEQ5) also has an ST4 port so I connect my guide cam to my mount. I use APT and PHD and with two I am able to dither as well. I use an outside power point and plug everything into a 4-way adapter which I hide inside a wooden box I made and leave my laptop outside and just use TeamViewer over wifi.
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