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  1. I have chosen aCelestron Powerseeker 127eq Reflector Telescope as i got it cheap and thought it would be good to start with
  2. is there a scope that doesnt cost too much but can be upgraded as i can go that route.
  3. i dont think i would be able to strecth that far at the minute my wife would go mad me spending nearly £300
  4. Hi Dan I'm not really sure what i want to see i just enjoy looking at anything. There is very little light pollution where i live, can travel and handle heavy items. Budget wise probably upto £200
  5. Hi everyone I'm just looking for a bit of advice and luckily stumbled upon these forums. I enjoy watching the stars and used other people's equipment before and now looking to get my own, looking round the Internet has confused me on What to get. I know nothing about telescopes and want to buy something that will last, I don't want to buy something that needs replacing straight afterwards.
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