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  1. underwhelming observing

    @JOC I generally switch between the two but the detail is never good enough even for every eyepiece's respective focal length . I checked and it definitely needs to be collimated so I will collimate it and see where it gets me , thanks a lot everyone
  2. underwhelming observing

    I will begin collimating it now , I will use Polaris but I don't know which of the screws are the ones for collimating , can anyone help me ? thanks
  3. underwhelming observing

    I read about it on some websites , is this website any good ?http://garyseronik.com/no-tools-telescope-collimation/
  4. underwhelming observing

    I've been reading up about collimation , can I collimate it with a star test or is it not a good option ?
  5. underwhelming observing

    thanks , I will do so
  6. underwhelming observing

    the collimation cap is unavailable in my country , I spent a year searching till I found my telescope
  7. underwhelming observing

    I will try to observe Saturn when it's at it's highest , as for the collimation , I have always been kind of afraid because collimation can ruin everything so is it that dangerous ? and how do I collimate it ?
  8. underwhelming observing

    @Stu the telescope is new so it should be well collimated , I leave it for sometime before observing and I also take a long time when viewing the planets
  9. underwhelming observing

    @Buzzard75 even without the barlow lens there isn't much detail
  10. underwhelming observing

    my eyepiece is a kson hf 6mm eyepiece as for the telescope and barlow they were made in a factory here
  11. I recently bought a 6 mm eyepiece , I have a 2x barlow , my telescope is a 6 inch f5 reflector . I was looking forward to viewing Saturn with my new eyepiece and when I did I didn't really see any detail , I could barely see the gap between the planet and the rings . my telescope is a low quality one so is that the reason ? I saw Jupiter once with a celestron 8 inch sct and the detail was stunning so is the quality the reason or the mirror diameter ?
  12. are the pictures real?

    @spaceboy I think it wasn't because a lot of people said that they saw at least one of the bands albeit faintly but I will see what the new one will do.
  13. are the pictures real?

    Thanks , everyone . I will surely spend a lot of time observing and I will tell you about it for sure .
  14. are the pictures real?

    @Stub Mandrel I was honestly hoping for a bit more detail when viewing Jupiter but this is good enough
  15. are the pictures real?

    @billyharris72 thanks , this helps alot .