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  1. which telescope to choose?

    if they get into egypt which is unfortunately a low percentage , i think i will go with these , any thoughts ? http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p1002_Celestron-C8-auf-Skywatcher-NEQ5-parallaktische-Montierung.html
  2. which telescope to choose?

    i will check this distributor i hope that they can be imported to egypt and i think i will go with a cassegrain which one would you recommend ?
  3. which telescope to choose?

    thanks guys you have really helped me
  4. which telescope to choose?

    yes i do in fact spend some time with him and i go to an astronomy club frequently but i am worried that if i buy this telescope it wont perform well and i wouldl be stuck with it for long
  5. which telescope to choose?

    so what should i do should i wait for a while?
  6. which telescope to choose?

    @Louis D so even the f8 will have chromatic abberation?
  7. which telescope to choose?

    unfortunately after phoning the store , there are only the refractor scopes available and the website @Alan64 suggested cannot get the telescope so i think this one is the only option please tell me your opinions http://www.egy-telescopes.com/152-1200eq.html
  8. which telescope to choose?

    @john this is the only one on the website but i will send the details tomorrow http://www.egy-telescopes.com/152-750eq.html
  9. which telescope to choose?

    @@Louis D they do have the scts but they are not on the website but i will get the details and send them tomorrow because the store is closed and regarding the video , the chromatic abberations are really a worry of mine
  10. which telescope to choose?

    @Louis D http://www.egy-telescopes.com/152-750eq.html this is the link for the refractor unfortunately there are no liks for the other i will tell you the details tomorrow though
  11. which telescope to choose?

    @Nyctimene the 3 inch was not the one my friend built , he built a 6 inch one , the 3 inch showed the moon well according to my limited understanding but jupiter no matter which eyepiece or with or without the barlow it never showed detail but i did see the galelian moons a couple of times
  12. which telescope to choose?

    im not deadset against it , I'm just worried about the cleaning and collimation so they make it less favorable
  13. which telescope to choose?

    @Nyctimene i really want your opinion regarding what i told you
  14. which telescope to choose?

    double stars wont be an issue , the major with the reflector is mainly collimation and cleaning , there is no place where i van have my scope collimated or cleaned so i wil have to collimate it on my own and i wont be able to clean it and dust is a monster which is a big problem so i am leaning towards the maksutov and the refractor .
  15. which telescope to choose?

    @Nyctimene the 3 inch was disappointing because at the beginning (2 years ago) i had some very unrealistic expectations , i thought that the magnification was all that mattered then after looking up the important things about telescopes i wanted to build one so i have been studying up on telescopes for a year but someone i know built one and it didnt work quite well so i decided to buy one instead of risking it , but the problem wasn't cooling down or collimation . it performed well on the moon but terribly on the planets , i didnt see jupiter's belts , saturn wasn't bad , mars and venus of course showed nothing . i actually saw jupiter through a celestron 8 inch sct which made me realise how terrible my telescope was so i know the range of the details that will be shown