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  1. phattanglo

    Xp Replacement

    As I say I'm a non techie, I have windows 7 on a laptop could I get a copy of the installation files from that and if so how?
  2. phattanglo

    Xp Replacement

    The Asus has fairly limited performance, wouldn't it struggle with Windows 10.
  3. phattanglo

    Xp Replacement

    Forgot I've got Sharpcap installed as well so if I go down the Linux route I would want to continue with the same or similar.
  4. phattanglo

    Xp Replacement

    I have an Asus eee pc1001px netbook which to be honest I forgot I had. it has Stellarium, Registax and Collimate03 ? installed For telescope maintenance, Polar aligning and the little bit of wecam imaging I do It's quite sufficient. Regarding XP I am obviously concerned about the security aspect and have considered installing a newer version of Windows. But then I wondered if I could install a Linux system to do the same job. I am absolutely not a techie but any advice would be appreciated.
  5. phattanglo

    Nikon aculon 8x42

    Hi Janine and welcome to SGL. I use Nikon 8x42s, they are nice binoculars and I think give a lot of bang for your buck.
  6. phattanglo

    Eq3-2 tweak

    Oops perhaps that should read honing not lapping
  7. phattanglo

    Eq3-2 tweak

    I've just used Badger's excellent service guide to work on my mount and I feel there has been an improvement. There is still some friction which I suspect is due to the plain metal bearing surfaces. Do you think there would be any merit in lapping the surfaces to try and smooth them. I was thinking of solvol autosol or even ordinay brasso.
  8. phattanglo

    Diy finder

    I take your point re the weight with my setup. I use a RDF but it is useful to have a real finder and my current 6x30 straight finder isn't easy to use thanks to a neck injury.
  9. phattanglo

    Diy finder

    I'll most likely look on astroboot or buy sell as one's pennies don't stretch very far. it'll sit on top of a 150p on an EQ3-2 mount so I think it needs to be fairly small and light. Can anyone recommend a scope to look out for. Or would it just be cheaper to get a 9x50 scope, I'm looking for RACI ideally.
  10. phattanglo

    Diy finder

    Having read one or two posts which suggest that a budget 70 or 80mm frac can be turned into a decent finder scope, I was wondering how you achieve the cross hairs for targeting.
  11. phattanglo

    Object distance

    Could anyone tell me how far away an object needs to be to be considered parallax error free. I would like to adjust my polarscope alignment & cone error during the day but I don't know haw far away my target should be.
  12. Doh! maybe I should read more than just page 1 before jumping in with my size 10's
  13. On a Newt could you leave the main aperture cover on and just take the little cap off to reduce the light or would that not work?
  14. phattanglo

    Sharpcap settings

    I'm about to attempt some webcam imaging with a modded Xbox 360 through Sharpcap and I've heard about adjusting something called gain but I don't appear to have it as an option only brightness. Is it only certain webcams that have this?
  15. phattanglo

    xbox 360 mods

    At this price I could buy another to have a go at imaging and then have one for each duty. Although if I use a film cannister instead of a proper nose piece I might be able to make it fit into the focuser but also over the polar scope. Experiment time

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