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  1. I thought it was a bit of a mess. A piece here, a piece there, lacking coherent flow. Just mho of course.
  2. It's the journey, not the destination.
  3. One of the multiple uses for old inner-tubes. Plus they last much longer than the rubber that comes with the scope.
  4. Take an old inner-tube and cut a ring from it and use that.
  5. Slight gripe here. If they keep sticking that awful incidental music over the top of every graphic and video segment I forsee no Sky at Night in my future that's for sure. Do they think the IQ of the viewership suddenly fell by 50 points with the death of Patrick? That now they cannot hold their concentration and need some invasive music drowning out the narration?
  6. I chose to buy some kit instead of a BAA membership. Things are tight these days and memberships are not really value for money.
  7. ALL big projects go over budget, it's inevitable.
  8. How about something like this?
  9. Patrick was looking a bit frail though.
  10. Within a billion years the sun will be kicking out enough heat to have vapourised the oceans. My money is on the bankers taking us down.
  11. A contract (to purchase in this case) requires an offer and an acceptance. If for example you go into a shop and see a Paramount ME with a price tag of £150 you might get all excited and rush to the checkout with your bargain purchase (the offer). But the person behind the counter is not legally obliged to sell you the mount and can insist that you pay the full £15000 (the acceptance). You can be sure there will be some clause deep down in the T&Cs saying that they do not have to sell an item if it has been mis-priced. I have had experience of this kind of thing before and even if you order and your credit card is debited you will get a refund and an email informing you that there has been a mistake. You might be lucky though
  12. I bought my scope and it was delivered by post, as have many many others. The mirror was packed far less securely than it would be if you sent it as an individual package. I wouldn't worry if I were you, it'll be insured anyway.
  13. I tighten the bolt up until I can just rotate the milk carton washer between the steel washer and rocker box, nipped up rather than crammed down until the threads squeal for mercy. I used Pledge instead of the silicone spray (it's buried in a cupboard somewhere and I can't be bothered to get the shovel out and find it ) I might have a bash at this mod to eliminate the annoying lateral jump.
  14. Mk II mount fettle with the single washer below the ptfe washer has improved it again, just a little bit of stiction now. just wondering how I could reduce it further. Maybe I am being too much of a perfectionist, silk purse sows ear n all that. The sleeve fits 'ok', but you watch the mount as you nudge it, it moves <----> laterally before it rotates. Oh btw, I have put a milk carton washer between the two steel washers on the baseboard and rocker box.
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