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  1. Oh well....back to the drawing board! At least there are others that think crazy like me :shock:
  2. hmmmm again! Perhaps if one were to put a heat-sink on the back and spray that then the this would cool the chip by convection rather than direct?
  3. Hmmm - good point. I might try a bit and see what happens. I guess it can't hurt
  4. From my days of playing with electronics I used to use a can of spray that took the circuit board down to -degrees (very cold). It was non-conductive and used 'live'. Has anyone tried using this stuff on a CCD (or back of) to see if it helps?
  5. Nice pic MHC..... I think I will give it a try as the more bits in the case should allow for a multitude of different shots! I think I will get a filter - from reading the UHC-S one sounds like the one to go for....?
  6. Very interesing all : I feel I have just learned more than all the hunting around on the net I had been doing. Looks like to me to go for standard EP with or without Barlow using the DSLR for general Webcam (of some sort) for Planets/Lunar This really clears lots of questions up. Next hop will be using 'guided' and then it all starts again! I'm going to hunt around for a wedge now for the NS8. Thanks all as it really helps.
  7. Thanks CC. Looking at your pics you get really good results (a few pictures of the week too!). I was wondering how I would get the sort of resolution on some objects like a galaxy if I did not use an eye-piece. Do you do anything special (apart from good guiding etc!!) or is it just a case that if you get the right amount of exposures you can crop the picture to enlarge the object on pc? Thanks, Chris
  8. Allo, I'm interested to see how most people image the following: Planets (non-moon) Moon Nebula Clusters Do you: Piggyback Prime Focus Other? If prime-focus do you do it with or without eyepieces? Apologies for so many questions but I'm interested to see what people prefer/found best. Thanks all
  9. Thanks SteveL - will have a play with this later on the other images (there are a few!!!). MHC - how well does it work? I think that looks like what I am after? Geppetto - appreciated.....i think its a slope that gets steep very quickly!!! The clouds are rolling back....maybe I will have another play tonight.
  10. Thanks all....much appreciated, I was expecting a lot worse being first pics but happy with the initial results. SteveL - very cool. Was that through photoshop? Grant - Canon 400D. Was not sure how it would perform but just bolted it on. Turned on mirror lock and set exposure to 25 secs. Now I need a wedge!!! Any ideas on what filters are going to help and also how I am going to get more magnification? Grrrr....clouds are rolling in!
  11. Thanks Steve..... hopefully after a bit of advice I will be ordering some more bits! :0)
  12. I've taken my first few snaps through the NX8 and the DSLR using prime-focus. I'm really happy considering I have no idea what I am doing. It is a lot of fun and now I want more.... Based on the hopefully linked pics (below) what filters would you recommend to remove the horrid 'orange' and what do I need to get closer to Saturn (etc). I have the T mount and Adapter. What do I need to use: An eyepiece and/or barlow? Advice much appreciate and big thanks the FLO for the bits and bobs! http://www.chrisnesbit.com/ChrisNesbit.Com/astro/IMG_0362.JPG http://www.chrisnesbit.com/ChrisNesbit.Com/astro/IMG_0414.JPG http://www.chrisnesbit.com/ChrisNesbit.Com/astro/IMG_0372.JPG Really appreciate advice. Thanks Chris
  13. Thanks RobD - great post and look forward to seeing this stuff.... Excellent.
  14. I'm still loving mine! FLO has some bits on the way to me so I can dabble with the DSLR on it (prime and piggy) ..... then I guess it's thinking about a wedge .... and hooking it up-to my mac ..... as long as the clouds stay away.....
  15. Thanks Martin - appreciate the advice and I think I will take note and go with the basics first. The tele-extender was something I read where you can put the eyepiece in with the T-Adapter so you can achieve the zoom of the eye-piece. Have I misunderstood - does the standard T-Mount and Adapter allow this? Thanks again, Chris ps To all those who told me the mount was THE most important thing with imaging and that the 10" LX75 was NOT suited to the mount (I was thinking of getting one of these).....wow I really can see how right you were!
  16. Or perhaps a Flip-Mirror system? Anyone used one of these/rate one? Thanks all....
  17. Hi, I have a few queries with regard to imaging on the new Nexstar 8.... For short-exposure I will need a T-Mount and adapter? If I get a radial guider which would be used for long exposure later would I not need to get one of the above? If I get a tele-extender, what else do I need? I would like to get a wedge at some point - what is recommended for the NexStar 8? Is it best to get individual Filters and just image, change, image etc or is it worth getting filters on a wheel/slide? If so, any recomendations? Wow - so many questions! Essentially I would like to start off doing short and then move to long but buy stuff that will allow both thus saving money! Any help much appreciated.
  18. Thanks - I have brought the manual to work so I will have a read! Much to learn....
  19. Dont forget to run the compass deviation thingy from the handset, to configure the deviation from north for your location. The what and why?
  20. SteveL - I am well impressed by that! I struggled with mine....but perhaps its the poor design of the volvo! Looking forward to tonight - can't believe the clouds did not roll in last night being that seems to be the norm when a new scope is bought.....now if I can hide the moon!! Roll on tonight!
  21. Just to be quick - it arrived today.....All boxed nicely (thanks very much D Hinds). I then had to try and work out how to fit the box in the new shape S40 and found....it wouldn't!! Had to unbox, flat pack and carefully get it all in the car....then I had to wait for work to finish... At home I unloaded and took it into the garden - I consider myself VERY much a newbie having only played with a 'Tasco' type scope before and not really knowing where much is in the sky/how everything works etc. Anyway - assembled it in minutes as it all made sense. I then went inside to have a read of the instructions (we never read them first us blokes!) and watch a bit of footy..... It got dark, I went outside and turned it on....chose the GPS align and away it went. I could hardly see any stars due to the moon and lots of streetlight but I managed to pick out Polaris and Arcturus.....It set and that was it. The handset all made sense and I told it to goto the moon and it obeyed. My wife then popped out as I told it to goto Saturn...she asked to have a look before me....being the gent I said of-course thinking I would have to hunt around for it a bit, but sure enough there it was in the middle and looking absolutely amazing. She was stunned, when I managed to pry her away so was I. VERY clear and 4 moons easily visible....even in the conditions I was viewing in. I then played around looking at objects - I could make out M13 which I thought was very impressive seeing the amount of light spewing from the moon. My verdict - amazing scope at an amazing price. I am very happy with it and now look forward to spending some darker nights with it! Now I have to buy some decent eye-pieces and some gadgets to get the camera onboard....very very happy.
  22. Mine should arrive tomorrow.....the other half has treated me.....well I did buy her a Canon 400D with lenses....cough cough....not that I'm planning on using it for astro-work!! :0)
  23. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6268799.stm
  24. Its great especially as free and there are some great variations out there. It also bridges te gap if you have different OSs (i.e. Apple + XP etc)....we use all sorts at work (including VNC) but so far I have found LogMeIn (https://secure.logmein.com) is just excellent. It's free (you can have paid versions which include file transfer - which we also use) but I find it handles screen refresh better (even across a WAN) and if operating across the net you don't have to punch any holes in your firewall. Heck it's free so try it (I don't work for them!!)... ps - try the 'IT Reach version on the 2 week trial and then downgrade to free and you will see how scary and powerful this stuff can be!)
  25. Does that explain why my Sky TV signal keeps jamming!!
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