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  1. I saw one that night - viewing North (Romsey to Braishfield direction) it fell a different direction to all others in that it looked to be 'falling' rather than shooting across. Probably the slowest shooting star I have seen and as it got lower to the horizon split into 5.... I made a bit of a racket of 'ooooh' and woke the wife up as not seen one like that before.
  2. Hunting around the internet it looks like this might have been a little misleading. If you looked at the map for the dates he recorded then it looks like an obvious Mars!
  3. Thanks - I completely agree and don't know any background to it... I just thought it very interesting. I don't know how these co-ordinates came about. Apparently there are a couple of other videos showing something orbiting but I have not viewed them yet. I'm ignoring it unless someone here actually sees it and says 'what the heck is that!'.... Cheers.
  4. YouTube - Possible Brown Dwarf (Planet X?) very close to Orion's Belt Does anyone have any idea what this is - step away from all the conspiracy stuff, I wondered if this is a planet/misplaced star or what. Some interesting comments. I dont have the skies to check this out so would be interested in anyones take. Coordinates: 6h42m8.44s, 41 40' 18.94 Thanks for any sane comments.
  5. Thanks all - wish I had witnessed it.
  6. I read this article on another site and wondered if anyone out there can confirm or has any news on it? A couple of other people then said they witnessed the same thing.... For real, April Fools? Any ideas?
  7. This is good for people who want to learn some basics.....it's good fun! http://www.quietbay.net/Science/astronomy/nightsky/
  8. Nessy


    http://www.galaxyzoo.org/ Sounds like a big project!
  9. Welcome! You will learn a lot and meet some really top people on here!
  10. I'm chuckling......and the more I think and read about others comments the more exciting/big it seems.... I do like KK idea of having a repositry that other non-imagers could then play with the data but we def need one 'main' man. I think anyone that wanted to join in would be man enough to take a possible rejection of image quality. Heck, I know I am no where near ready (or even currently able) but would love being a part of it. I think a lot of people would learn along the way and be encouraged to do even better when working with lots of people. I've always loved the way musicians can work all around the world and then upload their samples/tracks for the main mixer to mix it into music....we're doing something similar with someone like MartinB producing the final result...you never know, it might just take off as an idea.....
  11. Very true, it could be over whatever time frames. I only suggested a week as being short it helps move the 'project' along, and can mean a few different objects. It could be done over a month, year or X....it could include other countries etc. etc...... I know imaging is mostly very personal but the idea of many people contributing to a single project kind of highlights this whole sgl community...
  12. I would go for something easy to start with (yes perhaps the moon) and you are going to need one or 2 of the more advanced imagers to do the processing.... I was thinking it could even be possibly be part of an actual stargazrs group? Some could use different filters (HIII, O!! etc). In theory it could be very powerful have lots of pics of the same object at the same time(ish) - who knows the detail that you might be able to get out of it.... Darks....that's a difficult one and something that someone who knows what they are talking about would be best to answer. It may be that we take our image(s) with Dark, do some local processing and then submit X processed frames the 'main' processor...? I'm not aware of anyone doing this before?
  13. Hello, not that I could currently join in but has anyone ever tried to get a load of the imagers to all go for a particular object over one week and then combine all the images to see what sort of results you get rather than the normal same location/multi shot stacked? Ok - people may produce different resolution images but one would think most could be 'fixed' and stacked? Combing all the telescopes to image one thing - LOLT (lots of little telescopes) rather than the VLT project (very large telescope)!
  14. ok....I had a hunch it was for those purposes but just wanted to check there were no probs! I think I will still go and try the OAG then as its the cheapest way to go currently..... Long term I think ED80 on a CPC11
  15. Hi Steve, apart from the wedge-self-build I am attempting...I was planning on making some purchases this week. Originally I was going for the Guide-scope but ater seeing your success with the OAG I thought of perhaps going this route. However, seeing your now looking at doing an about turn I was wondering why (i.e. have you found problems etc.) or are you just 'adding'? Ta again!
  16. Thanks - I am thinking of going down the same route as SteveL (the OAG) - It's just a matter of find one SH now...
  17. Nessy


    Hi KK - thanks very much, that makes a lot of sense and is a great way of doing it....I will see if this is something I can build in....mostly I was just getting jealous of all those scopes!! Wow!
  18. Nessy


    Thanks KK - is this something you bought, came with wedge or fashioned? After thinking about it for a bit, I realised I could always just have 'curved-extended' holes on the wedge base for the bolts to pass through to the mount. This would allow for 10-15 degrees of adjustment (I guess enough) but I am worried it would scratch up the tripod? I could place some tough nylon strips in-between?
  19. Nessy


    Adjusting.... OK - I think I am going to go along the lines of the APT Astro with regard to adjusting angle (lat) but what about Azimuth. On the APT it looks like a rotating base plate. One standard wedges, I can't see any such device....how do these work and how important is it (i.e. how fine does it need to be)? I dont fancy having to try fine aligning by moving the tripod! Thanks for any info....
  20. Thanks KK - I want something that will run native on the mac, so may even go for a SH DSI.....although it looks like the NexImage now has mac compatibility via macam....
  21. Hi, could I get away with using a Toucam or NexImage for Guiding with PHD? Seems a bit cheaper than other cams..... Thanks, Chris
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