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  1. Hello, like suggested I unscrewed my celesctron barlow so all I had was the smaller metal section containing the optics. I then put this in the visual back of my scope which is an SCT. This is different to you - will it go 'in' the focuser? If so, you can then put the SLR on and see if you can get focus. I had no problems when using the Celestron T-Mount and Adapter. However, too much power to get the whole moon in and you have to pan around, image and mosaic. To just take a pic of the moon I find staight-forward prime > DSLR or piggyback works a treat. I am a real newb with all of this so there will be other much more experienced imagers who will direct you better.
  2. I managed a few shots of Jupiter last night and spent the day seeing if I could stack them, but all attempts failed miserably! Here is a single shot with the moons added in from a higher exposure (cos Jupiter was white!). Any tips on stacking DSLR pics to get more details out of it?
  3. Great Steve - VERY handy. Will add that to devonthinkpro. Love the pringles bit....might have to follow you on that! I have one question - are you shooting in RAW? Ah - you just wrote about that. Ok - shooting in RAW - I thought that essentially any ISO was ignored because you essentially set it in the processing software? Basically I guess I am asking have you tried other ISO settings to see if they actually look different once processed? Now.....do I venture out?!?
  4. Hi Steve - yep agree with the Jupiter thing - its no good through the DSLR - I may give the cam a go sometime this week. Being that I have a very similar setup to you, then I'm interested in: Your setup (are you using barlow with prime etc.), Camera settings etc Are you taking Darks, Flats and Bias How may pics (and timings in-between) How many Mugs of coffee Then are you letting DeepSkyStacker just 'do it' or are you tweaking. What you tweak in Photoshop And on top of that I am well interested in how you get on with that wedge.... Thanks Steve
  5. Steve - great shots again. You are giving me some real goals to achieve with my NS8 and 400D. All I managed last night were some fuzzy shots of jupiter! Keep it going - perhaps at some point you could do a step-by-step for those using the DSLR as your images are very clean.
  6. Now I want to go back outside - very nice.
  7. Nessy


    Excellent...gives me hope for my 400d!
  8. Happy to play if you require (prob spend 6-8hrs a day on www - sad!)...mac, PC, IE, FF, Safari, Shiira etc. etc. Might be able to help with host/mirror if required as have v good host + ruby, shell etc. with work (reseller). PM if required. Thanks, Chris
  9. Thanks RobD - very useful stuff as its all current for me also.....
  10. Thanks all - that does make a lot of sense and has stopped that bugging feeling going around my head - I am glad I asked. Now the only bugging feeling is.....I need a good CCD camera!!!
  11. Please forgive the stupidity of this question but I wouldn't mind an answer to why a video CCD camera needs 'long exposure'? I thought it was about capturing X frames per second and then stacking those individual frames to create the final 'image'. Why do the decent CCD cameras allow for long exposures of lots of minutes+? Is this the same as chucking the DSLR on and setting it to 30 mins? Whats the benefit of using a CCD (such as a star-light) with long-exposure over a DSLR (apart from the DSLR by standard having the IR filter)? :shock:
  12. Really like that - gives a nice goal of what can happen through my scope....great job.
  13. Very cool.....makes me want to have a go....
  14. Hi Steve, i'm going down this route also (as you probably guessed) but possibly not as quickly as you so would be well interested in what you do (being I'm also using the NS8). Have you decided which wedge yet? Thanks Chris
  15. Very nice..... all this coloured moon stuff makes me think someone is 'terrafirming' the moon...
  16. Also came across all of this for Mac... http://www.stark-labs.com/ This includes : Nebulosity (image processing) PHD Guiding (guide software) DSLR Shutter (controlling a DSLR) Shoe-String Focus (focus control software). I have not had a chance to play yet but this seems to be a winner.....(oh and its donationware).....and looks very, very 'mac'.
  17. Thanks MD - makes sense, should have worked that out...!
  18. Before I manage to source a wedge etc. has anyone tried using the Field Rotation setting in K3CCD Tools? My thinking is I could either capture: Multiple 30sec - 60 sec pics from the DSLR or 10 mins or so from CCD Then put through this process? Anyone had much luck or any sample outputs? Thanks, Chris
  19. Thanks Martin, judging by your pictures etc. then I will heed your advice and go for it! Thanks, Chris
  20. The New Ccd Astronomy: How to Capture the Stars With a Ccd Camera in Your Own Backyard I'm after a good book for imaging going from basics to something that will last and 'in-depth'.... ???
  21. OK - was not really thinking lunar but will now you mention it!
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