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  1. Thank you for the replies. I'll compensate with the legs of the mount if I have to
  2. Sure, but wouldn't it then be harder to position the mount in the "same" leveled position for each session on the observation site?
  3. My HEQ5 and 200pds has arrived. Woohoo! Haven't had a proper clear sky yet. So trying to prepare everything and understanding polar alignment. Please have a look at attached image. So my latitude in Norway is about 63.25 degrees, but setting this degrees with the t-bolts (1 + 2 on the image) on the HEQ5 mount is rather tricky, as the bolt in the back/south (2) is crashing in the polar scope cover (4), or the polar scope itself if I remove the cap/cover. By crashing I mean that I will not be able to rotate/adjust the bolt further because the "handle" will not have room enough to rotate. The two t-bolts have different length, but if I use the shorter one in the back (2), I'm not able to get even close to 60 deg (3). So I will have to use the longest one. The only way of achiving this that I've found is to leave the front/north t-bolt (1) out. Then tilt the declination/latitude forward to a "low" degree. Then adjust the bolt in the back (2) approximately right. Then I tilt the declination back again until it stops, to see if I have the correct degree. If not correct, I have to tilt forward again, adjust again, then tilt back. Is this really how I have to do this? Is there something here that I've completely missed out on?
  4. Similar question found here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/108329-camera-mounting-to-skywatcher-150p/
  5. Well, well. Hasn't been a single clear night here for that past weeks. If this goes on, I guess there will be plenty of time reading instructions. There is not only collimation that needs to be set up with a heq5
  6. I've ordered at sky-watcher 200pds. I see several threads about collimation of the 200pds in this forum. Is the collimation set properly from factory, or should I get a tool for doing this right away?
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