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    Flight simulation, virtual reality, GA aviation, computers, and just getting into Astronomy.
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    Caerphilly. South Wales, UK
  1. My Facebook page is here if it helps. Thanks again. https://www.facebook.com/mark.morgan.92372446
  2. I have facebook, so that would be easier I guess. Would be great to get my kit sorted out ready for the winter. Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it.
  3. Hi. Sorry for the very late reply, it's been a bit of a mad month with all the kids off. Thanks for the offer of help, I will probably take you up on it at some point. Just now, I don't know what I don't know! ?
  4. I'm hoping to meet a few of you too. Let's hope for clear skies this winter.
  5. I have a skywatcher quatro8 ota on a eq5 pro. If you wouldn't mind, I would jump at the chance to go through polar alignment etc. I live in Mornington Meadows. Sorry for the late reply, been away.
  6. Hi everyone, Im from Caerphilly , and have just found this group. I am one of those people that has read what I need to do, but have never yet had the chance to use my scope properly, mostly due to weather and time not being nice to each other! Would love to meet others in the group whenever there is a meeting.
  7. So, got the issue figured out. It seems that the previous owner had put in an "aftermarket" screw which was too long and was impinging on the mechanism. Simple fix and didnt cost much to get sorted.
  8. Thanks for that info. Will check it tomorrow. I only have a 150p OTA on it, but tried today without it on and am still finding the same issue. I called Telescope house and they say they could likely fix it for around the 120 quid Mark, so seriously thinking of biting the bullet and getting it done, but money the wah it is, I would much prefer a diy solution if one exists.
  9. Further to my post above, I have now had a look, and it seems that the gears are meshed and turning together, I noticed that if I put some gentle pressure on the saddle in the line of travel, then it does start to move again, but only briefly after the pressure is released, so would this then just leave the worm gear to be the issue, or is there likely to be something else I dont yet know about? Thanks to those that have answered so far, as I'm new to this, I'm not even sure if my descriptions are sufficient to understand what's going on, so apologies if this is the case.
  10. /Having had a look at it this morning, It looks like I got things mixed up, its the RA that has the issue. (still getting used to all this new terminology) I have checked the balance and it seems ok. I'm powering from mains with the adapter it came with. This seems to be a generic variable voltage unit which delivers 12v at 1500ma. I have the same issue if I use the car adaptor cable via my 12v car jumpstart pack, even without the ota being mounted, so not sure what to do next short of sending it to Telescope house to be fixed, a which I can't really afford to do at the moment since I am retired through ill health, but if needs must, then so be it. I would like to explore the cheaper options first though and also maybe take the opportunity to learn a bit about how the mount works in the process.
  11. I bought a used EQ5 before Xmas from a well known auction site. IT came boxed, and seemed in good condition. Due to the pitiful weather here in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK, and also to my old arthritic joints being what they are, I finally and for the first time got it all out this afternoon to look at the sun. All was going well, I managed to find it (!) and got it tracking. After about 40 mins or so, I noticed it seemed to have stopped tracking and decided to try to figure out what the issue might be (with my very limited knowledge, this means check the power) The mount was still running, and allowed me to use the direction keys on the handset to move the mount in both RA and Dec axis...up to a point. It seemed to have no problem moving the RA, but the Dec ( I think its that one) axis would move completely in one direction, but then stopped moving when it got to a particular point in the other direction. No movement at all once it had stopped though the motors could be heard running. There also seemed to be a few "clicks" heard. Im completely stumped by this and not a little disappointed about it as it would seem I have bought a defective mount. Being a total newbie doesnt help, but my guess is that the gears are stuffed. Can anyone please suggest what to do next, though Im new to all this, I have no issue with trying to fix it if anyone can point me in the right direction please.
  12. WOW...that looks perfect. Well, looks like you are set for some very comfortable sessions with that. Its odd that in my experience, its sometimes the cheaper bits of kit that make the biggest difference.
  13. Thats a nice looking bit of kit. Iv come to the conclusion I need a full body brace to even PA mine...damned arthritis! Must keep an eye out for something similar I think. Had the scope for an age, but not had chance to even set it up properly yet, so got a lot to learn...I reckon Im going to need a sit down too at some point.
  14. Sorry for the late reply to your comment. I was hoping to go to the star party, but again, the life of a foster carer is pretty unpredictable sometimes, so never got to even book it. Having had lots of conversations with the misses, it seems she agrees that I should really have a hobby outside the house (though I suspect she thinks Im going to take up hanging washing as my new hobby), so Im going to keep an eye on things in an effort to get to some of the meets.
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