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  1. Hi Skywise, Welocme to the field of Astrophotography. As others have mentioned it can be an expensive hobby. Just recently i have purchased myself a set up for astro photography. The difference between the DSLR (Digital Single Lense Reflex) camera and a point and shoot, is the users ability to control all the setting of the camera such as the ISO (how sensitive the cameras sensor is to light), Shutter Speed (How long the shutter stays open to allow light in), Aperture (How much of the sensor is used). ISO - this value determines the cameras sensitivity to light. A low value mean
  2. Hi Ketut, to be truthful, i am not too sure on the monochrome or ccd cameras. before i make the leap in to a specialised astro camera like that i want to do two things. the first is more research and second is to perfect my technique. from all accounts imaging with a dslr will be quite enjoyable, but as i get better a monochrome or ccd camera is on the cards. do you have any information on these type of cameras? cheers Trevor
  3. thank you all for the very warm welcome. i am indeed looking forward to sharing my images and my knowledge as i build it
  4. I should also point out that i am building myself a laptop dedicated to controlling the telescope so it will have all the necessary software to control the camera and the auto guider.
  5. Hi Ketut, As part of my set up of my AP rig i will be purchasing the following items along with the telescope and mount 2" Camera T-Adaptor T- Ring Cannon EOS 5D DSLR Finder scope (most likely 8x50mm) Auto guider At some stage down the track i will be adding an additional telescope to the line up. I was thinking more along the lines of a 5inch scope maybe a refractor style and full set of eye pieces This is going epic purchase. I plan on doing it right first time. Cheers Trevor
  6. Hey Ketut, i am looking at purchasing a 8 inch Ritchey-Chrétien reflector astrograph. I have done a bit of research and have found that for DSO imaging these are fairly decent. The mount to go with it will be the skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount with Go-To capability Cheers Trevor
  7. Hey, Just wanted to say Hi. I am really new to the who astronomy thing. I have got a very keen interest in Astrophotography and i am aiming to start learning the craft of deep sky imaging. I am looking to purchase my first telescope and mount next month and i can't wait to start learning. I look forward to sharing my voyage into the far reaches of the universe with you.
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