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  1. We all replied together. Think I may go binoc route to start. See if the girls are interested. 40mm aperture....is that the size of the front lens?
  2. Okay, I've now had a good read of you sticky at the top about 'sky & telescope' mag. If I went for a top quality set of binoculars to start. what do I want, what figures ??X?? would be ideal? Thanks
  3. WOW. Just had a look at the photo of week. That is amazing. What sort of telescope would you need to see that??? Just had a thought.....I've never even looked down a telescope. What a sheltered life!!!!!
  4. Hi chaps. (& chappetts) I'm thinking of getting a telescope for the family for christmas. Got two young girls & thought it would be good for us all to learn about our solar system & milky-way together. I know next to nothing about scopes, so advice on what I should get, good makes, what to look for on telescopes. Haven't got loads of money to spend, needs to be transportable. That's enough to be going on with. Cheers Karl.
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