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  1. FLO were out of the model I needed so I reluctantly tried TelescopePlanet. They didn't send me a tracking number or name of the courier they use and their phone has rang out all day every day for the last 3. I'm at my wits end right now, can anyone tell me who delivers for them so I can try to call, even without my tracking number? If I know they company they might be able to help me. Doubtful, but I have to try. Ive been stuck indoors for two days now because of this so I can't even rush out for last minute gifts.
  2. Oh I should have said they are all motorised, it's one thing I didn't want to go without as it's so important for photography. I hoped I could at least start out with a budget of £200? Should I forget all that and dump the motor for more spending on aperture? If I discount the Alt-Az mount the only difference is the parabolic mirrors and focal length, I wasn't sure how much of a difference they made. I wish there was an actual visual guide online of what to expect
  3. Thanks, I'm amazed at the variation all in the same price range. I only discounted a 153mm (f/1200) Parabolic Dobsonian because, although it has a direct SLR camera connection, it doesn't seem to be motorised so I couldn't grasp how it would track
  4. Hello, I've found all the guides really useful here, but there's one thing I can't decide on for my first telescope. Should you go for the maximum aperture you can afford over everything else? I have until Fridy to decide. There's a 80mm (f/12.5) Mak. with an Alt. Az-Azimuth mount around the same price as a 130mm (f/6.92) motorised Newtonion with a EQ-2 mount and then there's a 130mm (f/5) with parabolic primary mirror and an EQ-2 mount. What would you sacrifice in a starter scope? I have access to Dark Skies but I would like to use this at home in an urban environment when possible. Interested in deep sky and planets too, but understand the compromises involved with a tight budget.
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