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  1. I have backups running daily to an external drive using Macrium reflect imaging. I also have a Microsoft Office 365 account so I get 1TB of storage with that. I tend to keep my image files in my Onedrive folder. This means it is automatically backed up into the cloud too. I too have started considering what I actually backup, at the moment it is everything, later I may just save the final image, raw files and a Pixinsight project without images.
  2. Very nice. The local deringing on the deconvolution settings are causing some some black ringing around the stars. You may need to refine the star_mask somewhat by adding some convolution to it so it blurs the edges of the mask.
  3. Thank you for you kind comments, I am quite proud of it. It's that moment after having processed and suddenly the image pops out of the noise that makes it all worth while. I think i still suffer from that impatience to rush to get a final image. I'm quite in awe at the other images members have posted on here. The time and zen like patience to wait until you have 19 hours of data and probably quadruple that processing is amazing to me. The subs were 180s and 240s aiming for around an hour in each. Then cosmetically corrected, debayered, aligned, integrated together then hdr composed in pixinsight. After that it went through various linear then stretched processing steps. I mostly followed this tutorial on YouTube for the processing: With the exception of doing multiple autobackground removals and dynamic background removals. I had to tweak the settings to pick up the wild background gradient. When it came to noise corrections I used the wavelet image inspection script as a guide to decide on the levels used.
  4. Hi all, These are my first attempts at imaging M51. approx 1hr 45mins exposure in total. Taken with my astro-modded Cannon 550D through the OO VX10. These are my also first attempts with using PixinSight trial version. The zoomed version was actually the very first where I didn't quite handle the background correctly, but got some nice detail in the Galaxy. The second I spent more time on figuring out how to sort out the background. Could probably tease more detail out of that one but probably better to add some more subs at some point in the future. I somehow let a plane slip in. Really can't find the sub with that on. oh well. I'm happy. Been at this a year now and this is probably my best image yet.
  5. If you can put up with 20 teeth: https://www.proto-pic.co.uk/aluminum-gt2-timing-pulley-6mm-belt-20-tooth-5mm-bore.html Ignore not 3mm
  6. Did the 9mm wide work for you in the end?
  7. I manage our companies IT infrastructure, I'm responsible for the security, I'm also Project leader for our ISO27001 and have written the documentation for our ISO. I have reviewed various types of programs including archiving programs as part of our periodic risk assessment. Winrar would not be recommended as there are too many targeted malware approaches that use it. Back to the topic, for my D3300 nef files I found it easier to convert to dng files first using DNG converter. I'd also recommend trying stacking in photoshop. You can get quite good results and it helps to understand the process. Their are plenty of YouTube videos explaining the process.
  8. ok go ahead then. It's your computer, you obviously know better.
  9. Just cause it says rar does not mean you need Winrar. Personally I'd steer well clear of Winrar. it's trialware and can't be trusted. 7zip can decompress almost all archives including Rar. It's also open source, so no annoying adds or malware. Once you've installed 7zip you simply right click on the file(copied to a sensible location) and select extract.. http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
  10. so what is GoStargaze.co.uk ?? it doesn't appear link to anything actually on the internet. do you mean http://gostargazing.co.uk/ ?? So does this mean there will be no BBC TV program next year? Or are you referring to a particular public event associated with the program?
  11. Nice, good price and would snap this up if I hadn't just bought one new a month ago.
  12. Ok this is the core of the Heart Nebular shot using my Orion Optics VX10 reflector on a NEQ6 goto mount, with belt drive mod. Shot on 550d Canon which I have astro-modified using the Baader filter mod. I use an Orion thin off axis guider with a QHYL-II mono camera as a guide camera. Attached to that is an Astronomik UHC filter which is used to get rid of the light pollution. The Pictures were shot using APT on my laptop. This is 240s x9 shots on Friday 17th November 2017 before the clouds took over. This is probably the second time I've got the kit working all together, I've only ever managed 40minute exposures so far. I've got a Ha filter I've yet to use and I still have not got round to making that Bahtinov mask . :-) Maybe I can add some data to this at a later date. I'm not particularly happy with the stars, I think the camera train is slightly crooked. Which is why I'm getting the red halos. Anyhow all a good learning experience.
  13. oops don't know what I did there.
  14. very nice. Coincidentally this was my target last night also.
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