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  1. Thanks John. I have tried Team Celestron, so far without success (no responses to individual messages). I can try it again if I can figure out how to post on the starsense forum there.
  2. Thanks tocster. Do you know which version of CFM worked for you? (And where I might find it)
  3. Not trying to hijack this thread but I am struggling with CFM too. I get all the way through the packages, CFM says it was successful but the handcontroller says "BOOT LOADER serial CFM request" and nothing else happens. If I disconnect the message remains, and the handcontroller does not appear to have updated. I tried it numerous times. Any ideas? (I am waiting for a response from Celestron.................)
  4. I thought I would share this design. I needed a house for the 6 inch Mak Cas on a pier. I wanted it bug proof and I wanted a sitting area near the scope that I could warm. Some wind block would be nice. After reviewing a lot of roll off roof designs I went with a roll off building instead. It rolls to the west, where trees would otherwise block the sky. I am clear to the south, and the house blocks a bit to the north. The 5 by 10 building was built to roll on 6 casters on top of square steel tracks. There is a 3 by 5 warm room in the back. The floor is steel for rigidity, while the building is normal 2x construction with hardie exterior to match the house. Its a bit heavy to push by hand, so we added a bicycle crank set to move it along. The bicycle frame is inside, with a very narrow slot in the floor for the chain. I have yet to install the electrical as winter came and slowed down construction. So far, no rodents, wasps, bats or other guests have been able to move in. Enjoy.
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