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  1. While I'm still waiting on a couple of parts of my setup to arrive sorting out the various power requirements of the devices is proving to be by far the most annoying, to power my EQ5's dual axis motors I need to give 6v to the handset and as a few posts on this site mentioned the powertank had a 6v output option I bought one, however when I recieved it the thing only seems to offer USB 5v/1.5A (useless) or DC 12v/10A via the cig plugs so I grabbed a USB 3A adapter for one cig plug and that powers my Pi nicely but I had to get a variable voltage unit to get the 6v I needed for the motors. I have had to many thing blow up over the years because these types of adapter can't hold the set voltage correctly I was wondering is there a 6v output option I am missing on the powertank or is there a better way to do the power setup?
  2. Don't suppose anyone knows of any direct links to the raspbian images since the raspberry pi site has chosen this moment to go mental just as I'm rebuilding my project. EDIT: never mind http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/ still works and bookmarked for future.
  3. I'd say use this thread to build your tutorial as you have done and then when it's finished copy the completed tut to a new thread.
  4. OK I have this sorted now, pretty simple really when you ignore the instructions, all you need to do is loosen off the four bolts until you can move the fine adjustment knob freely, the tighten the smaller, almost invisible black bolt (you may need an alan key that didn't come with the scope) a half turn or so at a time the re-tighten the main bolts> if you are can still move the adjust knob freely all the way round you are done, if it still sticks a bit loosen off the bolts and tighten the small screw another half turn and try again. Repeat until done. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. hmm, I definitely don't have parts like that, I have the plastic knobs and they just went straight onto the mount for the RA & DEC fine adjustment, no cables though.
  6. I didn't receive any flexible cables with my mount, what do I need them for and should I contact FLO about missing these parts?
  7. It's not a delay I'm having an issue with @Peco4321 I think it is as @spaceboy mentioned that some part of my setup needs adjustment however I'm at a bit of a loss as to which bits need the tinkering.
  8. Yes I've seen that section on the instructions but it's all going a bit over my head at the minute. It says the worm gear is located inside the rectangular section which the fine adjust cables are attached, I have no idea what the fine adjust cables are, don't suppose anyone has any photos to help guide my feeble mind?
  9. I just purchased dual axis motors to fit to my EQ5 mount and while that all went OK I something is either too stiff or the motors don't have the required grunt as they are barely capable of moving the mount at all. If I press the control for any given direction the motors might move a little before giving up with little clicky noises or I can give the knob or gear a little nudge with my finger and they will move again for a while, it's like either the motors are not getting enough power or they simply don't have enough grunt to move the equipment and there is only a 150pds on the mount. Anyone else use these motors and if so could you give me any pointers.
  10. I've been looking to buy the same scope for the same reasons, the eq3 mounts won't really cope very well at all once you factor in the extra weight of the camera setup, to keep my budget down I've gone for a standard eq5 + the enhanced motor package and I'm building a autoguider, goto & alignment system based off the Raspberry Pi III. Plenty will say spend extra but I'm fairly confident in the rig I'm going to build over the next few weeks.
  11. According to this review it's about 3.5KG http://scopeviews.co.uk/SW100EDPro.htm
  12. It's comments like these that seem really prevalent in the astro-photography community that will push people away, there is never a need to be dismissive of people asking simple questions, unless it's already been answered in the thread.
  13. I did that, it didn't launch with them again. Going to delete everything and re-install.
  14. Ok I inputted all the info I needed for my camera and it was working well, then I shut it down and loaded it up again later to show my daughter only to find it hadn't saved and of the lens, telescope or sensor info I had added.
  15. I've been using the mobile version of stellarium to id things I can see in the sky and that's been great but someone pointed out that the PC version can show you what you could see through your camera before you head out via the oculars plugin so I grabbed that only to find that it requires all the tech specs of the camera sensor and lens I'm using, is there not a library of these tools I can add to the plugin to fill this info in or failing that does anyone know all the required info for a canon 100d and a EF 50mm 1.4 USM lens?
  16. Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll definitely grab that, I do have a couple of questions about your other recommendations. 1/ what's the reasoning behind going for the 130 vs the 150? 2/ I can only see HEQ5 pro at shops and that is a goto jobby which I'm not that interested in and ups the cost, I thought the EQ5 would be more than up to the job.
  17. I've been wanting to get a telescope for some time, especially since we moved out of the city and over the past year we also got a nice DSLR which I enjoy a lot so was wanting to combine both with a decent budget telescope setup that would play well with my canon, on the little bit of research I've done I think these are the basic parts I'd need. Is this a decent setup, are there other parts I will need baring in mind all I currently have is the camera and I've never owned even a crappy department store telescope. Also what is included with the scope, does it give good guides on how to maintain and use the device or should I be looking up that as well. Any helpful pointers will be appreciated.
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