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  1. No problem, I appreciate the questions as it helps me to learn I'm triggering the camera via a cable release button. I've locked the mirror to reduce vibration, so I'll basically be sitting nearby the set up, open the mirror, wait a few seconds, then open the shutter. If I could set the images on top of each other that would be great, but not sure how I could do that if at all, as they're just one image
  2. Thank you! IIRC, exposures were in the region of 1min30. The ISO was 1600. I polar aligned using a Latitude scale set to 52'...I'm in Banbury so I think I did that right Focusing is the real trick, I'm essentially doing it blind. I hooked up a 32mm lens to the scope to find the target, and focused it. Once I was happy I was pointing at the right thing, I'd take off the EP and connect the Canon. I got quite good at estimating the different focus for the camera, about 3/4 of a turn clockwise After a few 'test' exposures to make sure the stars were as crisp as I could get them, I'd plough on with the longer exposures. I suspect that any movement will be my fault; my scope was resting on 3 wooden boards, which in turn were on a tarp, which in turn was on a recently emptied potato patch; we're a bit short on space so I suspect even me moving the slightest bit on the tarp might cause a wobble.
  3. These aren't stacked at all, they're both single exposures But yeah, the next step is to do them properly; I just got a bit overexcited I found that to get useable shots, I had to go for exposures approaching a minute long, which has given me movement. I'm not sure how stacking is going to help...is it literally just a case of 'shorter exposures but more of them?', thanks
  4. Hi all, been a while since I checked in but thought I'd share these I got tonight before the clouds rolled in. They're not impressive, full of mistakes, but they're my first step into imaging all the same Hercules Cluster (bit blurry but first attempt!) Ring Nebula. More proud of this one, but still needs work. Thanks!
  5. Not yet Astro, no. It's the next thing I'm going to try. I realise that it would have literally taken 30 seconds to try it but as the scope is at full height and looming over the lounge like a martian fighting machine, I thought washing the pots would be less likely to incur the wrath of wife It will definitely be useful in the future having the spare 7a. I don't have any other electric requirements for the scope yet, no dew heaters or anything, but the 7a has already been massively useful at the festivals this summer...a fantastic phone/mp3 charger for the campervan
  6. Well, the 17A solved the problem. Kind of I charged it up and connected it using the original cable that came with the 7a, and things didn't improve. The handset still reset during alignment and scope motor movement was very poor. In an act of desperation I used the new cable that came with the 17a, and rejoice! Everything now works perfectly. Great handset performance, much fast scope slewing, the works. I can only guess that a previous comment about plug sizes was correct; although they both look identical I'm forced to put it down to either a difference in plug connectors, or some property of the cable. Strange eh??
  7. Ah! That *might* indicate the sluggishness if I'm running with the clutches open. It just felt very counterintuitive to run a motor when they appeared to be 'locked' - didn't want to break anything lol. That doesn't explain the handset though...I guess I'll have to try the 17Amper and find out Thanks everyone.
  8. Thanks for the replies chaps. Regarding charging, I'm pretty diligent about regularly topping up the 7a Powertank, and it's pretty new (6 months) but I admit it might be running a bit low even though the green 'charged' light is lit rather than the yellow 'charge me' one. As for the faulty cable, I'm not sure. Interesting thought but it always resets at the same step of alignment. Basically I turn the handset/scope on, and it asks for date, location, time, DST etc, and then presents me with the alignment options. I choose '2 star - Vega' and it slews to a position. Then the handset says 'Initialising...' and then begins the 'Press enter to begin alignment' phase again. Always at this point. Weird! Re:Sluggishness, well the motors don't seem to slew at a constant rate. It will slew quickly in RA, then slow, then speed up, then stop. If I manually slew, it will continue to slew for a second or two after I've taken my finger off the button. One other thing I did want to check with you experts, and it's a very noob question, but it's the first mount I've had of this quality and type; the SW mount is pretty straightforward Alt-Az, but there are RA and DEC clutches on the new one. You tighten them to lock the scope, but the manual doesn't say that I have to loosen them during use. I assume I DO have to loosen them, yeah? (afaik the scope is balanced and doesn't wobble when they're loosened off) Thanks again
  9. I'm the owner of a Skywatcher 130P and the 7amp SW Powertank. After recently upgrading to a relatively large Celestron 9.25 SCT scope, I've tried the powertank with it and it seems sluggish. Also, when trying to align the scope, the GOTO handset will restart and lose all previous settings. Is this an issue with the output of the powertank? I've recently ordered a bigger SW 17Amp powertank in the hope this will resolve the issues, does this sound possible? Many thanks
  10. After a very honest reply from FLO about my order, they kindly expedited matters for me and yesterday I received my Celestron 9.25! Thanks very much to everyone there, and I've already placed another order which has already shipped! Top marks, and thank you very much again
  11. Hi everyone I ordered a Celestron 9.25 XL over four weeks ago from FLO. Originally I was contacted immediately informing me that delivery would be about 10-14 days, which was fine. When nothing arrived, I enquired again and was informed it would be another week or two, tops. I've still not recieved anything over a fortnight later and so emailed FLO to see what the deal was. I had no reply and so tried to call twice...got the answerphone, left a message and a number to contact, but still nothing. I'm probably worrying about nothing but this is the first time I've ever known FLO to be anything other than stirling: has anyone else had any problems? Or is Steve just away from the office at the moment. I'm a bit concerned about the £1300 still sat in the ether, especially after what happened with Telescope Planet! Thanks!
  12. We could solve all the drought problems in the world by just shoving a 14" Dob on the back of a plane.
  13. LOL. Well, my Canon 500D arrives tomorrow so I'll be using it on the Skywatcher at the weekend as apparently we'll have clear skies on Sat...until I just stated that fact, naturally.
  14. I've tried to balance things out a bit by buying a nice new scope (Celestron 9.25 XLT) along with some gadgets too (Blu-Ray, Alien "Nostromo" kit, Bladerunner gun etc). I thought I'd ruined this week for everyone but the scope is delayed for a couple of weeks so get stargazing quick, you've got a fortnight!
  15. It wasn't from FLO, no; I don't need the mount as I have a new one, but I just wondered what my options were. I guess I could try to sell it as damaged, all up front
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