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  1. Tell Of course we are interested What are You receiving with this setup? Make a short clip showing how this is working- I see that You use a linear actuator for elevation.
  2. There is a big, helpful topic here: It's quite easy to start with meteors detecting. Your friend should buy a SDR dongle (I recommend RTL-SDR it's cheap and sufficient), build an Yagi antenna for 143MHz and start listen
  3. Of course I know Your topic, I started reading it about one year ago, when I looked for information about radioastronomy, my first antenna was made according to blueprints from Sky at Night magazine. I forgot about my external sound card which I bought to connect 5.1 speakers to my laptop. I must check If it will run with Spectrum Lab.
  4. I want to share with You my observations/signal reception form Geminids meteor shower recorded on 14.12.2016. I was waiting for the peak till 1:20AM. Results and equipment You can see on this video: I have also a request: can somebody do a print screen of his setup in Spectrum Lab? Because I have problem with get It working properly. It's look like Spectrum Lab doesn't receive signal from my sound card. I try to use a Virtual Audio Cable without a success.
  5. Hi, I decide to register here, because I`m reading topics for several months, and now I have things to share and a few questions. You have dedicated forum for Radio Astronomy, which interesting me the most