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  1. Just checking if your still in Dunoon and maybe active with the astronomy... I'm in Dunoon as well, if you eventually read this post would be nice to meet up..

  2. Anyone ever tried the zippo hand warmer, fuelled by lighter fluid and can last for up to 10hrs, check the prices out on-line I think they retail at about 18 quid, I've had mine for years now and it's an essential part of my fishing kit, will be great for a cold night observing ??
  3. Cheers for that idea ... I suppose it could be adapted to work with the 130p, it should not be impossible to muster up a homemade effort along those lines ... I'll give it a bash tomorrow and if successful post up a photo ?
  4. This topic has probably been started hundreds of times .... but, I'm a newbie to this so going to ask anyway. Is there any means of attaching some sort of Mount for a smartphone to the aforementioned Skywatcher Heritage 130p scope, if so do any of you knowledgeable guys know where I can purchase one or maybe even make a contraption that will do the job ? Looking forward to your replies stewspark.
  5. Hi ... I also have the same scope and as you said previously I prefer the 25mm paired up with a 2xbarlow, makes observing easier with excellent views ... great scope and quite capable. Just a wee question will the 130p take filters, if so which do you recommend?
  6. Sorry guys think I've overstepped the mark here and came on unannounced.. apologies for that. I'm a bit of a newbie to astronomy as well .. living in Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland.... hello and Happy New Year to you all. Stewart.
  7. Hi Johnny, this is my first post also, I received a skywatcher heritage 130p for Xmas and last night was the first real outing, saw the orion nebula which I thought quite spectacular also the andromeda galaxy which was more or less directly overhead which I was a bit disappointed with, was expecting something with more of a "wow factor" think I was asking for too much with my wee scope, will try again maybe tonight with a different approach. Observed the seven sisters which got ? and venus which was really bright.... Roll on dark o'clock ?
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