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  1. I have the LE30, LE7.5, LE5, HI-LE3.6, and HI-LE2.8.

    I like the 5 and 7.5 for lunar views and cannot confirm the internal reflections. It seems like these internal reflections some people complain about are a thing of the past, and eliminated in the newer eyepieces. So be careful if you buy these used.

    The LE30 is nice in my opinion, it is very little softer than the Takahashi Abbe 32 with a larger AFOV. It's colour tone is a touch warmer than the Abbe 32, but that can only be noticed in direct comparison. I think the LEs are O.K. for scopes up to F/5 (take care of the exit pupil).

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Stu said:

    Nice! I do enjoy the FT upgrade on mine, suits the scope well.

    If only we all had both DC and DL it would save a lot of this arguing ;) 

    There's the 2" and 3" Feather Touch upgrade, so we all need both upgrades as well :rolleyes2:  My DL will get the 3" FTF and the DC the 2" FTF...

    I guess we need fora because of the variety!

  3. 1 hour ago, Pig said:

    I have only counted folk that have responded within this thread..... otherwise we may get duplicates ? I guess it was just a short lived bit of fun.

    I have a DC with Feather Touch replacement. I have also ordered a DL, which is supposed to arrive within the next few weeks.

  4. 1 hour ago, 25585 said:

    What Moonlite flange fits the FC range?

    The OTAs have a M95x1 male thread. If you take the DC, then you can remove just the focuser, with or without the extension tube, and use an adapter with a male M77.5X1 thread. If you go the Starlight Intruments route, you can use:

    A20-304 for DC, DF, and DL

    A20-302 for DC

    A30-1903-85 for DC, DF, and DL

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  5. Oh I doubt that it will match a C8 and a 120mm refractor. The thing is: manually it is rated 8kg, motorized 6kg. So if you modify it to motorized equatorial you decrease stability. The 100mm equinox might be ok for the APZ but the Advanced Polaris will not be OK. The closest thing to the APZ is an AOK Ayo. Maybe that's something for you?

  6. On 11.1.2018 at 00:19, 25585 said:

    Having just acquired a 4 inch F9 900mm SW Equinox, I looked up the Tak equivalent and the DL is it. https://www.takahashiuk.co.uk/Refracting-Telescopes/Takahashi-FC100-DL/374-/Takahashi-FC100-DL

    Has anyone got the DL, as it would be cool to know how that particular FL compares with SW best 100mm doublet?

    My first refractor was an Orion ED80T, an ED triplet with carbon fiber tube. My second refractor the FC-100DC. At first sight I realized, that the Tak shows a clear textbook Airy disc and that it takes higher magnifications without degradation of the image. The FC-100D has an outstanding contrast that I don't want to miss. With this experience I don't want to go back to low quality optics, but I can't comment on the quality of the Equinox :wink:.

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  7. 2 hours ago, pystab said:

    I understand you can push it where you want or turn the slo-mo knobs, and when you let go the clock drive just takes over, no hunting for clamps or clutches. marcus_z, any comments?

    Hi Tim, that's it exactly. You can use it like a porta and move the scope freely without clutches. For fine movements you either turn the knobs or, on the motorized axes, you press buttons on the Starbook One.

    I just want to make clear, that the FC-100D is at the limit of this mount. With the tripod legs not fully extended it definitely helps. Focusing at 200x needs a fine focus, because of vibrations. I usually sit on an astro-chair to reduce jitter. When you change from a lighter to a larger eyepiece you'll notice that it sags (e.g. when swithing from Tak LE5 to an Ethos 4.7). However, I have had really good observing sessions with this setup, but some of us could be disappointed. An ED81S/SD81S might be a far better match. Before the Tak I had an 80/480 triplet on the mount which was a perfect match. I recently acquired a 150/600 Newton which seems to be a good match for the AP as well. A 4" long focus refractor is definitely not recommended.

  8. I have all three Vixen HR. Comparing the HR 2.4 to the HI-LE 2.8, I found the HR to show the same brightness, despite the 15% smaller exit pupil. They have an outstanding quality. However,  I don't use them often, because of their short focal length. Their best use is probably in a small F/4 Newton or astrograph on a tracking mount.

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