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  1. Yes, it is removable! That's the extension I meant. I have to correct myself. It's 55mm long. Just unscrew it.
  2. Note the extension tube in the original DC focuser. If you remove that you gain approximately 65mm backfocus. That might help...
  3. Grab & Go setup

    Nice Setup! How does it handle high magnifications (150x - 200x)?
  4. Typically the focal length of 11-15mm is used the most in a 10" Dobson. Therefore, I recommend a 82° to 100° eyepiece in that range. The ES82 14mm seems to be a good option :-)
  5. Takahashi TOE are coming

    The Vixen HR and the Pentax XO have different designs, but have very good reviews. However, the HR 2.4 features is a larger eye relief of 10mm.
  6. Incoming Tak Hi-LE 3.6mm eyepiece

    Hi Dave, how do you like your HI-LE 3.6 so far? I use mine with my FC-100D on the moon quite often. The views are comparable to the Takahashi Abbe line. Unfortunately, they are not exactly parfocal to the Abbes. Therefore tracking is definitely need ;-) clear skies, Marcus
  7. Yesterday night I had a Takahashi Abbe 32 and a LE 30 together in my binoviewer - they match! You can do even nastier stuff with your brain, with focal length differences of 25%.
  8. Where did you see that on CN? Could you please post a link to that CN thread?
  9. zoom eyepiece

    A lot of people like the Leica 9-18mm Zoom, but that's about 650€ and needs an adapter.