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  1. Looking for a Takahashi 0.66x Reducer FC-35 for FC-100D please contact me via PM!
  2. Looking for a 0.73x Takahashi Reducer (TKA18580) for FC-76D please contact me via PM!
  3. Intercon Spacetec has it: https://www.intercon-spacetec.de/zubehoer/schutz-und-verpackung/deckel/3176-aussendeckel-d38-takahashi-le-.html
  4. Hi Uli, if you are confident, that you can sell the TSA-102 for the price you pay, then go for it! ? You should be aware of the higher mount requirements though.
  5. Hi Uli, let's do our comparison again with two driven mounts ?. Since you are most interested in deep sky observation, the Borg 107FL might be interesting for you as well... Clear skies, Marcus I can also put the DC on the less stable Advanced Polaris ?
  6. Price reduction: 2x 7mm Nagler - each for 219€ (~approx. 190GBP)
  7. In the meantime I have the T-POD 130. So this ad can be closed ?
  8. Thank you for your suggestion. Cleaning both Hi-Les did not change the situation.
  9. Yesterday night I observed the moon with my HI-LE 3.6mm. I have two of them and compared these two concerning halos/ghosting. Indeed, they both exhibited halos on the almost full moon, but one has shown a much stronger halo than the other! I have no clue why they differ so much. Then I compared the better of the two HI-LEs to the HR 3.4. I tend to say that the HI-LE appeared a bit sharper and a tiny bit cooler, but the difference in sharpness might also result from the longer focal length. The HR is a bit more comfortable due to its longer eye relief. Mike if your HI-LE was as bad as my worse HI-LE, then I can totally understand why you gave it away. I wonder If the halos in my HI-LEs are due to condensation inside the eyepiece? I will try to store them in a more dry environment and check the halos sometime again.
  10. Has anybody here compared the Vixen HR 3.4 to a Hi-Le 3.6? I have tried to compare those two eyepieces, but have not yet come to a final conclusion. My first impression is that the Hi-Le has a cooler tone and more sharpness...
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