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  1. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Will try that tonight while its clear and see what happens (hopefully)!!!
  2. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Wow what a difference - I've got a lot to learn lol, looks 10 times better. The vignetting is probably just the lens it's great in the daylight at f1.4 on my camera with no noticible effects but have no way of stopping it down using my asi174. I didn't use any filters not got that far yet colour wise im not sure which settings to use in sharpcap I set the camera to rgb24 not sure if this is correct. Will check on the pictures tommorw . Thank again Phil
  3. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Thanks Steve yes took a while to get good focus on the lens only the slightest movement without hand shaking it' a lot easier in daylight with auto focus, and agree with you about the help on this forum it's invaluable.
  4. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Thanks for that do you upload a picture to astronomy.net and it works it out or is it not that simple.
  5. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Thanks i was just looking on stelarium and I think it was around there, can't see many stars by eye too much Lp
  6. philr73

    At last - first photo

    No sorry it was getting late and I had to be up at 4.30 for work so a bit of a rush job in the end
  7. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Thanks I'm sure some knowledgeable person on this site will tell me
  8. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Thanks, not sure what cluster it is was annoyed after taking pictures of my roof that I pointed it to a bright star in the northwest ish area and hoped for the best
  9. philr73

    At last - first photo

    Hi Thanks for that will do when I've worked out how to do it something else to learn haha.
  10. Finally after 2 years of struggling to get all things to work at the same time (including the weather!!) I managed to get a picture that I am pleased with although it wasn't what I originally tried to capture the roof of my house took care of that. When I first started down this frustrating hobby (2years newbie) I never realised how much of a struggle it would be to get anything worth looking at as there is always something packing up or user error, pa, software problems, clouds, laptop, leads, mount, camera the list goes on and on. Anyway rant over please have a look and advise on how to improve especially in the processing department any comments good or bad welcome. Forgot to add equipment used Heq5 pro, zwo174mc, sigma 85mm f1.4 - 30x4s, 30x8s, 30x16s stacked and bodged in DSS. Thanks Phil stars2.TIF
  11. philr73

    Moonlite focuser

    Hi Jim Yes it is the 2" thread I had one fitted to my sw 180 pro, worked a treat for that little extra adjustment especially with a heavy camera hanging off it
  12. philr73

    Neq6 handset and cable. FOUND!

    Hi Dan How does £70 posted sound pay by paypal. Thanks Phil
  13. philr73

    Neq6 handset and cable. FOUND!

    Hi Sorry for the delay in reply just got back in, make me an offer I was going to slap it on eBay along with a GPS mouse and see if there was any takers. I can send you some pics tomorrow after work if you like Thanks. Phil
  14. philr73

    Neq6 handset and cable. FOUND!

    Hi I have a heq5 pro handset if that will work I know its a different cable not sure if the handset is the same let me know if your interested. Thanks

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