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  1. That's also what I would think about this upgrade I am considering too. There is that "Sweet" spot isn't there that we crave to find. Cheers for the input there Pig
  2. Thanks for that bit of info there JamesF. But yeah I see your point I had an old Meade 90mm Frac and the R&P chewed itself up after about a years use. So not good at all. Also a couple of further questions I have about these focuser's is this. Can I mount my finderscope in the same place on the Crayford as the R&P? Is it just a case of swapping the mounting plate for the finder? Can I use the original finderscope mount on the crayford one?
  3. This is the one i was looking at Baggywrinkle. They are £120 from Rother Valley Optics.
  4. I was going to purchase the Skywatcher one that is available. I have seen it for £120 so not too expensive. Would you recommend a different manufacturer to Skywatcher then baggywrinkle ? If so which one and how does that outperform the Skywatcher one ? Any other opinions would of course be welcome.
  5. Just a quick question if anybody has the information. I am thinking of upgrading the Rack and Pinion focuser on my Skywatcher Startravel 150mm Refractor to the Crayford one that Synta put out. I was wondering if this was worth doing? So if anybody has got one of these or has even used one please let me know how they perform. Is it worth spending the cash on?. Cheers
  6. Sorry for not posting on this thread in a while but I have been very busy as of late. But I have to admit that the Semi Apo filter does indeed reduce the CA by quite a significant amount. And also it works perfectly as a Mars, Jupiter and Saturn filter. I feel it really helps to tease out some of the finer detail that I was struggling to resolve before applying the filter. CA seems to be reduced by at least 15-20% and when you apply the magnification the filter almost disappears in use. I would recommend aquiring one of these filters if you get hold of a Startravel 150mm. I also use this filte
  7. (In Whisper mode) It would be nice to get a look at 2012 DA14 as it makes a close pass of our planet. I just popped out and we were quite right to scrub our mission tonight as it's now snowing here in the capital. But yep I have checked the weather sites I use and maybe fingers crossed we will get some usable conditions in the next couple of days. Besides I have a new Semi-Apo filter to test out with my new 150mm refractor.
  8. The 2 inch Semi-Apo filter arrived this morning in spotless condition. Thanks FLO now all we need is some clear skies for a bit and I can test it out. And then review it's performance.
  9. Yes it is but we astronomers are a patient bunch. Except when things like Asteroid 2012 DA14 passes on friday. Lets hope we can get some clear skies for that.
  10. Just a message to update this thread. Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers meeting this week. This is due to the really horrible weather conditions we have currently been experiencing here in London. For more information and for updates on when we will be meeting again please visit www.bakerstreetastro.org.uk Once again our most sincere apologies for having to scrub our mission this month but we can't control mother nature. I will post details of our next meeting as soon as I receive confirmation of the dates and times.
  11. I have thought it out for a couple of weeks and I have decided to go for the Semi-Apo filter. I have discussed this with a few members of my astronomy society and they recommend them. So when I have tested it I will review it's performance.
  12. The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers will be holding our monthly meet at the Hub in Regent's Park London. Our star party window is scheduled for the 12th 13th and 14th of February 2013. Anyone is welcome to attend and the event is completely free of charge though we do ask people to sign our visitors book. We always have a good selection of telescopes and very helpful people on hand to answer any astronomical or equipment questions. For more information go to www.bakerstreetastro.org.uk Or find us on facebook and twitter. Hope to see you there.
  13. I own a Meade Autostar system for my LX90 and I have never updated it in nearly 10 years and it works fine. I know it's not a Synscan but I have never needed to update it. I have often wondered if I should though but just never did it. Unless I lost functionality I don't see why I should. Unless someone in Loungeland can tell me why I should update the handset.
  14. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge
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