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  1. I came here looking at the beginners guide and stumbled across your story about the postcode lottery. I'm curious, how much did you win in the end? Did you ever get back into astronomy? Thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for letting me know. I may have a look into it. but at the moment I am pretty set on the 150P dob. Regards Rhys
  3. Hi Helen, One more question before i take the plunge and buy the scope, telrad, and book you suggested! My dad has always said to me that he would love to be able to see the rings of Saturn with his own eyes. (Hence the reason i want to get him a telescope) Will this be possible with the 150P Dobsonian and how would the 200p version compare? Thank you!
  4. Thanks for your advice but unfortunately i can only spend a maximum of £220. As this is a gift for Christmas i wouldnt be able to afford to spend £300-400 at the moment. What i am thinking is, for the time being while myself and my Dad are beginners we can use this scope and if we want an upgrade in the future we will spend more money on one. Thanks
  5. Hi Helen Thanks once more for your detailed response. I think i am going to go with the one you (and others) have suggest. I will be able to find a spot to place it when not used. Are the Telrad finders (The one you linked) easy to setup and use for beginners? Would i need to remove anything from the scope to attach the Telrad? This site has given me so much advice i am so happy i found it. You are all great helpful people. Rhys
  6. Hi Thanks for your input its very helpful. Lots of you guys are recommending this one? I have see a video of how big it is and this is the only concern for me. With this scope would it be a case of setting it up and never putting it away again? Or is it easy to setup and take down so that i could store it into its box? When you say 'its a minefeild and take time to determine that it is you want from it' - My dad has always been into space and astronomy. We look out for the ISS when it passes above us on a clear night. So would it be a steep learning curve to use this scope
  7. Hi Helen I am starting to think a scope that size is too big for easy storage. The thing is I still want one that's powerful enough Thanks
  8. Ive just seen a video of the scale and I think its too big to store anywhere easily..
  9. I have heard of the 'GoTo' scopes but I think they are out of my price range. If they aren't out of my price range can you recommend any? My budget is £200-£220 max. Thanks
  10. Hi Helen There are so many choices I am lost! On one hand the tri-pod mounted ones looks amazing and can be used outside. But you suggest not to get one. (I respect your advice). On the other hand the table top ones are smaller and 360 viewing but I would only be able to use it inside unless I buy a table too. As Peter suggested above This looks nice but I am still not sure about a table top scope. - opinions? What do you think of this? It says that it has a motor to track moving stars and planets? - opinions? - Is the motor worth getting compared to this? Tha
  11. Thanks for the info! If you were a newbie again and had a choice between the two scopes, what would you choose any why? Sorry to be a pain but I have no idea and would love some expert opinions. But taking in account that this would be my first scope at a novice level. Kind regards
  12. Ah great thanks I will look into those for sure! IF I was to buy one of the two I suggested, would it be a hard learning curve? As I would like to be able to stand and view rather than sitting on the floor. If you definitely think Amazon is a bad place to buy our first scope, do you have any specialised sites that would be newbie-friendly? Or should I find a local store and see for myself? Thank you for all your replies and patience. I can't wait to gaze at the stars, I just wish I new what I was doing!
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