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  1. Hello all, I hope this post finds you well. Sorry to revive an old thread like this, just wanted to post an update. The following items are what I along with my son have decided on. We are torn between the Skymax 127 with Wi-Fi capablities (which also adds the Celestron Powertank and increases the £££) and the non-Wi-Fi version as the views from our front and rear balconies aren't exactly spectacular to begin with, possibly causing an issue with initial alignment, Polaris however is visible... Skymax 127 AZ GTi Celestron Eyeopener Kit BST Starguider 12mm Eyepiece LiF
  2. Hello all, Thank you kindly for taking the time to impart your knowledge - lots for me to take in as I am not well versed in the subject myself... I had a chat with my son earlier and he decided that observing takes the cake over imaging - I was hoping to find some kit that does both of these things but I would rather get a scope and mount that is excellent at one rather than okay at both. As per the recommendation from @ronin, I began looking into Bresser and was drawn to the Bresser AR Refractor range - I know he already has a refractor but I thought about it and perhaps givin
  3. Thank you for your response nightfisher. The 6SE looks like a remarkable scope - my only concern is that the price leaves little room for accessories. Do you think the Skywatcher along with a set of lenses (I was thinking Celestron?) and a few other bits that I don't know of yet would provide a rival experience to that of using the 6SE? Many thanks, Frank
  4. Hello, Just wanted to start by saying that I love the website and the service you provide - I've heard nothing but good things from others who pointed me in the direction of these forums. I am looking to purchase a telescope for my son who has maintained a steady interest in astronomy for about a year since receiving his first telescope - a 400X70mm refractor with a couple of different lenses and a 2X Barlow, nothing spectacular. He has made the most of the scope, sighting as far as Jupiter and its moons, even taking some pictures with a modified webcam in place o
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