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  1. This is my dilema, pay for recoating/ shipping to and fro.........or buy secondhand cheaper. Perhaps I could get it checked out for wave etc first? It was hand ground by a local mirror guru who I believe is no longer alive, and also believe it is of good quality, but it would be good to know for sure before throwing time and money at it. Have contacted local AS to see if they can throw any light at it.....so to speak! Thanks once again for your replies...........
  2. Thanks for the answers, one of the reasons I'd asked was because the firm's that came up on good ol' Google were a distance away, and wondered if anyone did it on a small scale Devon style.... I suppose cheaper easier available prebuilt dobs make it less viable these days.
  3. Just wondering if there is anywhere/anyone in the SW that undertakes mirror resilvering? Always fancied building a Dob, using an 8inch mirror that came into my possession a good few yrs ago!.....Trouble is over the years in storage the silvering has suffered........
  4. First attempt at Star Hopping and to say I'm chuffed is quite true........lots of to and froing between EP and Stellarium. Newly acquired ST120 and a 18mm BST. Happy Dayz..........8mm is next on the list!
  5. Thanks for the welcome chaps.....here's to some clear skies!
  6. The names Jon, for years had an interest in astronomy, but never had the equipment! finally got round to getting a half decent telescope, well hopefully anyway. Its a StarTravel 120, came with a alt az mount plus a driven EQ5 as part of the deal.......its got me rehooked already!.......surfing around the net lead me here, seems a busy place, with lots of info! Thought I better say hello....... One quick question, where would be the best subforum to ask advice about a mirror I acquired many moons ago, with a view to build a Dob, before life got in the way......(in a good way, mind!) 'D
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