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  1. I hate to be such a newby, but so far I can't 1. Find the FAQ listing on this site. 2. Reply to a single person. I'm not even sure who, if anybody, this is going to. 3. Send a message to multiple people. 4. Figure out how to avoid starting a thread that already exists. You know, that kind of stuff. All help will be appreciated. Tom
  2. Hello SGL members. I can't explain why it took me so long to join your group. Anyway, here I am. Back about 1968 Uncle Sam took me on a sea cruise. One night while crossing the Atlantic, I walked outside and nearly bumped my head on the Milky Way. I've been hooked ever since. I don't do any science, I'm just a tourist who enjoys the vast beauty of the night sky. I'm currently trying to find an easy way to align a GOTO mount. I invested in a Star Sense for my AVX mount and I'm starting to have some luck with it. However, when I remove the camera and re-mount it, it never seems to be pointi
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