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  1. How is it fitted into the mount? glued in?
  2. Is it shaped so that one part fits straight into the polar scope hole, and the camera fits in another part?
  3. How did you make this design? What size pipe did you use? And how did you mount it?
  4. I can't see where I can buy this adaptr from on the site? Does any reseller sell this in the UK?
  5. 300mm L lens with a 7D would be the longest I would go. seeing as your using a 300mm i think I will go with the 410 as it is much cheaper then the wedge.
  6. I have a query I know the weight capacity for the 410 is 5kg and with the Astrotrac being 1Kg? and Ball Head can amount to 1Kg. Does this mean we only have another 3kg to play with for camera and lens? Or does the ball head weight capacity come into play as well to balance it out? trying to figure out what to buy as I need something that can support a camera and lens weight of around 5kg, but without factoring the ballhead or astrotrac
  7. That is more plausible saying that you took a few shots at first and worked and trying to get everything right and not, o i just popped outside and took my first pic of DSO and came out with this pic (which is very nice)!
  8. Its post like these that make people think Astrophotography is easy and cheap! If i post the Mona Lisa on this site will you believe that i painted it!
  9. Am I the only one that thinks the guy is just chatting pure breeze! I mean 1600 iso on a rebel produces noise! And the fact this image looks smooth says that some post processing was done which will always reduce a little sharpness! Also I have imaged Orion numerous times using an ED80 and never got that close, maybe with a 1500mm scope I could, but that would have to be tracked! And at that Focal length would need perfect polar alignment! Furthermore unless this was taken in a very dark site I fail to see how in a light polluted environment you picked up nebulosity of the running man, and yet 0 light pollution! And tyign with a hairband will cause some flexure yet the stars are pinpoint! So excuse me for me being skeptical but this is an object I have had a lot of experience with and from personal and shared experience this image is not plausible from a first time shot of M42!
  10. Stardust great pic! only question where do i find a WO MKII, asdiscninued
  11. Hi, Does anyone know how I can get a Field Flattner for this scope? As it uses a 1.25" focuser.
  12. What's an M42 mount? Also is the 24mm the one that goes for like £700???
  13. Is there any EF lenses that anyone would recomend for a Canon 1000D?
  14. Hi All, Was wondering what lenses are good for wide angle photgraphy of the night sky. I have a Canon EF-S 18mm - 55mm and the main problems is I cannot use EF-S lenses with astronomik light pollution filters so looking for a good lens that is good value for money. Looking for something close to 18mm.
  15. I got it cheaper from the states though postage to the UK is where it became more expensive. But having walked past the SCS stand at Astrofest and didn't even get asked if I was intersted in anything plus getting meanish looks form the staff did not encourage me to shop from there. There is a lot to be said about service with a smile. Flo, Sheerwood have provided me with good service and I have gone back to them to shop for more!
  16. Below is my review to amazon.com, I couldn't find this product in the the UK (wide-screen sold out). So I got a friend in the US to get it for me. -------------- I have tried using a guide scope to guide but the additional weight and the extra set-up time made it impractical for me, so I decided to get an OAG. I have read reviews saying that Orion was the best for it price so I purchased it. The set-up of this can take a long time, as the instructions really do not help you align your DSLR camera to your scope. I have managed to configure it today. My set-up is a Canon 1000D, and the scope is an Orion 80ED. To get the guide cam (QHY5) to be in focus with camera I used the following set-up: Existing 1.25 focuser on the cope with OAG fitted onto it. I then used the T-Ring to screw directly onto the OAg with no extension tubes. For my camera I used both the 7mm (small) and 18mm (medium, the large is definitely 30mm) (I think) total extension 25mm. Now camera and guide cam are in same focus. I had to use that combo because when I received the OAG both extension tubes were so tight that I couldn't separate them and had to sue them in combo. And it is for this reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 because of how it was delivered. I have not conducted any guiding yet, and my review is purely from a set-up stand point. P.S. I set-up the OAG in daytime be pointing my scope at a chimney stack quite far away.
  17. They are both the same OTA's but one comes with a Az GOTO mount. You will see on the skywatcher website that the SkyMax 127 is also sold as OTA only. The newer SkyWatcher design is the black tube with white rings.
  18. I have taken some really nice pictures with this scope for nice widefield DSO objects (Pleides and M42). The optics are far superior to my celestron 102mm wide view achromat. So it isn't all bad, the main reason i knew the cell was dirty was when configuring my off-axis gudier and the guide cam kept picking up the dirt on the lens.
  19. Disaster!!!!!! II bought the scope second hand anyway when looking at the lens, it just seemed to either have a lot of slight scratches, or extremley dirty. used a lint free cloth and some water and kept at it, but it still didn't come crystal clear! when putting the lens back in the cell, i made a bit of an error. The lens became stuck in trying to pry it out i chipped a bit of the lens!!! However aftre putting it all back together again the lens looks cleaner and the cip is so far on the edge that it is not seen at all!!! However the fact that is slightly chipped pains me, but the fact the lens still contains some slight smudges, and doesn't look crystal clear annoys me. I should have bought a new scope, i guess not all astronomers look after their kit
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