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  1. How is it fitted into the mount? glued in?
  2. Is it shaped so that one part fits straight into the polar scope hole, and the camera fits in another part?
  3. How did you make this design? What size pipe did you use? And how did you mount it?
  4. Astrotrac and Polar Scope for Sale. The polar scope battery needs changing, and needs a wire soldered. The Astrotrac is in good condition with a power cable cigarette charger. And a Autoguide Cable. £250 o.n.o
  5. I have a Canon 7D for sale, also have an Astronomik CLS Clip filter if your interested.
  6. I can't see where I can buy this adaptr from on the site? Does any reseller sell this in the UK?
  7. 300mm L lens with a 7D would be the longest I would go. seeing as your using a 300mm i think I will go with the 410 as it is much cheaper then the wedge.
  8. I have a query I know the weight capacity for the 410 is 5kg and with the Astrotrac being 1Kg? and Ball Head can amount to 1Kg. Does this mean we only have another 3kg to play with for camera and lens? Or does the ball head weight capacity come into play as well to balance it out? trying to figure out what to buy as I need something that can support a camera and lens weight of around 5kg, but without factoring the ballhead or astrotrac
  9. That is more plausible saying that you took a few shots at first and worked and trying to get everything right and not, o i just popped outside and took my first pic of DSO and came out with this pic (which is very nice)!
  10. Its post like these that make people think Astrophotography is easy and cheap! If i post the Mona Lisa on this site will you believe that i painted it!
  11. Am I the only one that thinks the guy is just chatting pure breeze! I mean 1600 iso on a rebel produces noise! And the fact this image looks smooth says that some post processing was done which will always reduce a little sharpness! Also I have imaged Orion numerous times using an ED80 and never got that close, maybe with a 1500mm scope I could, but that would have to be tracked! And at that Focal length would need perfect polar alignment! Furthermore unless this was taken in a very dark site I fail to see how in a light polluted environment you picked up nebulosity of the running man, and ye
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