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  1. So they let him outta the funny farm why??
  2. Dan73

    new scope

    oh hi i havent heard from you in a while hows t going? and its new.
  3. Im buying a new scope soon and found this TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE any thoughts? Dan
  4. hi graham. no luck with them either
  5. does anybody know a shop in or around coventry to buy a polar alignment scope having a LOT of problems getting one Dan
  6. nice:) ive checked on sat24.com and it looks like there is a bit of a gap in the cloud some time later for southern england:icon_salut:
  7. Whos going out tonight? looking for anything in particular?
  8. nice one with my setup will it look any good?
  9. really? does it look good through a scope? Dan
  10. last night at about half 8 quarter to nine i saw i bright point in the sky does anyone know what it was? Dan:headbang:
  11. unfortunatly the light pollution is very bad:( im finding it really hard to find anywhere at all. is it easy to get into coombe abby?? dan
  12. Does anybody know of any good darksites in coventry or the surrounding area??
  13. as it says in the title this my sound stupid but is it possible for a star to just disapper??
  14. thank you Andy and everyone else. you have been really helpful. i am now going to investin a 8mm instead as this seems like the best and see how i go with that and then maybe i will try the 6mm when the weather improves in a few months:) dan
  15. thanks for your advice:) i didnt really know how low i could go so you have been helpful:) dan
  16. thank you. im rather new to this:) i want to see deep sky objects and occasionally planets. do you have any idea what the limit in terms of mm i can go up to? dan
  17. i just purchased a 2mm eyepiece for my telescope. i was wondering if this was a good buy or a useless one. my scope has a focal length of 1200mm and a 150mm mirror and i was wonderng if there was any sort of limit to the size of the eyepiece's i can use. any information will be extremely helpful. thanks, dan:)
  18. Dan73


    Hi and welcome to SGL :) I hope you enjoy yourself!
  19. does anyone know how much a polar alignment scope for an eq3 mount costs thanks, Dan
  20. i cant seem to figure out how to set the declination and right ascension. Thanks for the help Dan
  21. ive just got a sky watcher telescope for xmas but dont know how to set the eq3-2 mount. can anyone help??
  22. Dan73

    Hello :)

    Thanks John i need all the advice i can get. Dan
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