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  1. I read it in the paper this morning that ESA may think it has 'exploded' on lading , dammit - oh well lets hope other probes/landers are more successful.
  2. Last I seen the probe had landed and they had yet to confirm it was still operational , has anyone heard any news ?
  3. Never heard of an "earths second moon" before , however when I googled it , it did appear to be an asteroid orbiting the Sun in a "bean" rotation . It would be interesting to catch a glimpse of this asteroid !
  4. Nice , I often holiday in Balearic and Canary Islands , however I have never observed. I might even take a scope next time !
  5. Awesome Picture ! great contract with the dawn sun .
  6. Thanks gents for the further info , I wont be buying until the end of the month (pay day) so it does give me a while to check out all the scopes you guys have recommended ! I think I will be gunning for the 90-100mm size .. Just need to get it for a good price . Again thanks guys !!!! I'll post up with my purchase when I get it.
  7. Thanks for the advice @Cosmic Geoff , there happhens to be a Lidl store just down the road from , I'm going to check it out next time to see if they do the refractors you were talking about !
  8. Thanks guys I'll keep those scopes in mind when making my purchase which I will hopefully be doing in the next couple of weeks once I get my scope I'll be sure to let you know which one I picked up as I'm a newbie to telescopes. Thanks again !
  9. Ah , thank you for the info is there any telescope in particular you would recommend for a first time buyer with a budget ? thanks
  10. Greetings ! I am what you would call a novice to telescopes but not a stranger to astronomy as I've studies it in my spare time for years now however I am i need of some advice as to what telescope to purchase as a first time buyer. My price range would be between £40.00 - £70.00 . I've been looking at a few and some have caught my eye , so i'll post up with the ones I've seen and I would appreciate any feedback . I am primarily looking for a telescope that can see planets , in detail as far away as Jupiter and Saturn ! Thank you in advance ! Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Sky-Watcher Mercury 607
  11. Hello , I might check out some binos , however if I am going to sink any of my money into anything I am thinking it might as well be for the telescope itself . My brother does have a decent set of binos that I'll try out just in the mean time , but thanks for the advice guys !
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome guys ! Yes I will be observing from Glasgow itself , it is famous for massive cloud cover (just like today!) , however we do get crystal clear skys with a full view of visible stars , I just need the dam telescope , but for the moment I will have to just stand and gaze up at night .
  13. Hello fellow star gazers ! Its great to have found a forum such as this one to share a passion for the stars,planets and our universe ! I am fairly new to astronomy and I am looking to buy my first telescope soon , just need to find the right one . Well I have said enough for now , thank you for reading my welcome message and I look forward to our exchanges ! EnceladusEuropa
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