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  1. Newbie question so please excuse me if this a daft one. I have just started out with a 90mm refractor and until tonight the sessions have been pretty warm. This evening was the first cold one and I got some condensation on the outside of the tube. No issues with eps or impact on the session but I am not sure what the best thing is to do to protect 'the precious' when I finish and come back inside. I have opted for putting the lense caps on the tube before coming in but leaving it in its bag with the bag open to allow it to dry off naturally. There was no condensation on the eps so I have
  2. Have you considered binoculars? I have been using some 10x50 to learn my way around. You get an amazing improvement on the naked eye, and they have the advantage of being really quick to use (Lancashire had plenty of cloud too, I know exactly what you have to contend with). I will continue to use them when the scope arrives.
  3. Hi there... I am also a newbie. Just bought my first scope and waiting for delivery (90mm refractor). The excellent folks at first light optics were very helpful (and not scary). Worth you taking a look if you are still choosing. Are you going to observe from Glasgow itself? Adam
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