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  1. A few days ago, I walked into a charity shop and saw a pair of binoculars in a black hard leather case. I asked to examine them. I looked through them towards the street and they were powerful and the image was crystal clear. I couldn't read the writing on them except 12x40 made in USSR. I paid the £10.00. They felt heavy and weighed them on domestic scale the screen showed 2 lbs. After some google research I discovered they are ZOMS 6N61 12x40 SN:711862. Being 12x40 they are powerful but very bright. They look new though they were made many years ago. Sturdy solid and nice to handle. Any thoughts on this type. I always read that above 10x50 is not recommended for manual handling. This pair is 12x40 yet easy to use and the image is sharp?
  2. Sorry for not coming back sooner. Here are some pics which may help identify these 7x50 solid sharp view binos which I bought early 1980s at a camera shop in the Middle East 36 years ago:
  3. On a visit to the Middle East in 1982 I walked with a colleague into a camera shop. He wanted to buy a lense for his SLR camera. I spotted a glass cabinet with binoculars and asked to look at one of them. Upto that point my knowledge of binoculars was almost zero. The man in the shop handed me a pair marked 16x50 I looked outside at a target. Then he handed me a 7x50 which I found much easier to use and it gave a superior view. So I chose it. I paid the equivalent of £30 - £40 . Back in England I gave them as a present to my father -in-law and he was very pleased with them. Some years later he passed away. When we visited my mother-in-law in 2014 I spotted a brown bag on a shelf in the garage which contained the same binoculars and the mother-in-law said I can have them back. So 32 years later I got them back. I examined them carefully. The performance during the day is excellent and at night is good. Though made in Japan with "Japan 10 passed" marking, it has the following information: 7x50 Marine, Blickwinkel 7.1, Vergutete Optik. All attempts to find the name of the manufacturer have so far failed. Has anyone come across a similar pair of binos? I can send pictures of the binos,
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