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  1. A few more bits and bobs

    pm sent re light pollution filter
  2. Hi Syed, I am interested in the skywatcher focal reducer and the skywatcher aluminium case, if you decide to split. Errol
  3. Wow!, I can't wait to get started to be honest Michael, especially if I can even get close to results like that!
  4. Thanks for the link Michael that's a handy calculator. If I had known about it yesterday it would have saved me a lot of trouble trawling for data on the chips in the Canon and SPC900. Cheers Errol
  5. Thanks Dave, and this is mine. So they are roughly the same, except perhaps for the array size.
  6. Thanks all, will give FLO calculator a try. What are your thought on my pixel size and array size anyone. Do they look about right?
  7. I tried to calculate the FOV for both my dslr and guide-camera as listed above. However, the results I get using CCDCalc show a larger FOV for my dslr than guide-cam, which seems counterintuitive. what am I doing wrong? Image Train - Canon 1100D on Skywatcher ED80 (Note that I am not using a focal reducer at the moment) Guide Train - Philips SPC900NC on Skywatcher ST80
  8. Hi Michael, the package arrived today, thank you. Are they Nickel do you know? Thanks, Errol
  9. I shall PM you the address
  10. Thanks Michael. I'll arrange it when I get back home.
  11. Have you got a price in mind?
  12. I know you want to sell as a complete set-up but, just in case you should decide to split I would be interested in your 'Skywatcher Startravel 80mm refractor. Just the scope and tube rings'. All the best with the sale, Errol
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, living in a flat I no longer have access to even moderate DIY equipment in order to accomplish this. Others may, and I hope that someone else is able to make use of the information. Errol
  14. No, I don't have such a wedge unfortunately. It is obviously not going to be an easy adaptation, so I will leave it for now.