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  1. Hi guys, I just tried SharpCap 3.1 disk speed test. It stated that my disk writing speed was 105 Mb/sec. Should it not have been 105 MB/sec? Capital B means Bytes, minor b means bits...
  2. I have just tested two 15 meters active USB extension cables with SharpCap/QHY5L-IIc and Stellarium scope/Stellarium and EQMOD., and they are working! USB Traffic speed = 30 and Frame Rate Limit = Maximum. No problem at all. This require one active USB Extension cable for each HW though... One cable for the Cam, one for the mount and eventually one for the guide-cam. I still prefer the StarTech solution, which means just one cable between the mount and the PC. Even though you have to reduce the USB traffic speed.
  3. In my case , using the cam for capture and streaming video, I think that the bottleneck is the StarTech USB over Ethernet extender. If I connect the cam and EQDIR directly to the PC, there are no problems to set Frame Rate Limit to Maximum and the USB traffic to 30. I run it for an hour with these settings, but for safety maybe reducing the values some can be a good idea!
  4. This is made in the Camera Control section in SharpCap 2.9. I reduced the Frame Rate Limit to 8 fps and the USB traffic to 10 fps, but I will test other configurations as well, so I can see where the limts are for this configuration. If using the Live Stack option, the Frame Rate Limit can be set quite low, if I understand it right.
  5. OK, I have now run Stellarium through EQDIR and SharpCap for 5+ hours with no problem. Streaming video the whole time and doing some occasional capture sequencies. The trick seem to be to reduce the USB feed and the Frame Rate Limit considerably. At least if using the StarTech USB over Ethernet Extender. Logically SharpCap should be started first and reduce those parameters. After that EQMOD and Stellarium should be started via Stellarium Scope. Reducing those parameters is not necessary if connected directly to the USB ports on the PC, which I have verified earlier today. The disadvantag
  6. First I did run only Stellarium in EQMOD for one hour without any issuses at all. I then started SharpCap, turned down the USB feed from 30 to 10 fps and the Frame Rate Limit from 30 to 8 fps. It has now been up and running for more than one and a half hour without any problem. I have saved some Live Stack captures also without issues. I have used the StarTech USB over ethernet extender hw to transfer both the streaming video and the captures from the cam to the PC, via a 30m CAT6 cable. It is still running. The sidereal tracking is activated in EQMOD. Seems like the cam was innocent all
  7. After reinstallating Stellarium Scope (the interface between ASCOM and Stellarium) and first start Stellarium from it, then connect to EQMOD and after that start Sharpcap, everything is working just fine! As I write this, Sharpcap and stellarium has bin up for 40+ minutes through StarTech USB over ethernet HW. Tracking is on. As I write this I also got Timeout Error in EQMOD... Damn!... Maybe because I used internet? Well, I'll start it up again, and see what happens. BTW, before the reinstallation, I connected both SharpCap and Stellarium directly to the PC, using EQMOD, but I still got
  8. The peculiar thing is that EQMOD and SharpCap are working separately without problem, but not simultanouesly! There are two additional ASCOM camera options in SharpCap camera settings, of which none is working with this camera: - QHYCCD-cameras- Capture -QHYCCD-Cameras-Guide I have downloaded both from QHYCCD and installed them according to QHYCCD's instructions (I think, because the instructions are not very explicit). The onlly one that is working (at least for ten minutes!) is the QHY5LII-C Windows system driver. As I said above: for now I'm totally stuck...
  9. SharpCap/File/SharCap Settings/Hardware/Mounts = None I uset that setting.
  10. OK, I have made a few tests: Prerequisits: - StarTech USB over ethernet contraption is used (USB2004EXTV). This consists of a 4-port USB hub on the remote site and a receiver on the local (PC) site, with one USB connection to the PC and a CAT6 patch cable between the remote and the local site. Only the remote 4-port hub is powered (5V, 2A = 0.5A for each USB port). Test 1: StarTech is powered on. Mount is switched on. The USB in both ends connections are connected. Started EQMOD from EQMOD Toolbox and let it run for 25 min. No problem. Then I started SharpCap with
  11. Hmmm... didn't think of that. I will try that after the weekend, when I'm back home. It's a bit confusing that I can start EQMOD from either Stellarium Scope, SharpCap or EQMOD Toolbox. If I start e.g. SharpCap, EQMOD will also start. If I then start Stellarium, I don't think another instance of EQMOD starts, because if I close SharpCap, then EQMOD will close also. Stellarium Scope and Stellarium itself will still be running. Complicated...
  12. The camera works OK in SharpCap, without EQMOD. I have the camera and the mount connected to the PC via StarTech USB2004EXTV (USB over ethernet extender) If I use the same PC-USB port, the PC allocates the same COM port for the StarTech Extender each time I connect.. If I connect the mount and the camera direct to the PC, I get other COM ports, but the timeout error remains. For now I use the camera for capture. /Mats
  13. Hi, I have considered bying another camera, believe me! I just resent having spent 200+ USD on a product that obviously is un-usable in my set-up... I am using a USB over ethernet contraption (StarTech USB2004EXTV ) with a 30 m cat6 cable, so I cannot use more than one receiving USB port... I have nevertheless tried to connect the mount via StarTech to one USB port on the PC and the camera to another via a 3 m USB cable, but the outcome is the same: Timeout error after a while. I could try to connect the camera and the mount to the PC via active repeater 15m USB cables instead o
  14. Hi, I have a HEQ5 Pro with a QHY5L-IIc astrocamera, which I run with SharpCap (never got EZ-Planetary to work). When I start SharpCap, it in turn starts EQMOD. So far so good! I then start Stellarium via Stellarium Scope (or I start Stellarium Scope first and then SharpCap). If I choose an object to monitor in Stellarium, and let Stellarium slew to it, I constantly get Timeout error in EQMOD, either directly or after a short while. If I dont start SharpCap, i.e. if I dont stream video, I don't get timeout error in EQMOD. I have installed the Ascom QHYCCD capture
  15. OK, thanks for the input! I have looked for C-thread to 1.25 filter thread adapters, but I quickly got lost, so I guess I'm to new to this to really navigate in this adapter jungle I'll use what I have for now...
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