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  1. Made another comparison video, thought it would be appropriate to share it here. Enjoy!
  2. Hi, I received a CPC 1100 the other day, and being new to collimation, have rotated what looks like something to do with the secondary mirror on the front. This is now loose, and I am not sure if I should be worried. The part circled in red is what I turned. Does anyone know what to do about this? Is it a problem? Thanks, Corkey
  3. I think you should go for option 2. I have a 300mm dobsonian and even without tracking the views are great. It really depends on what you want to prioritize: imaging or viewing?
  4. My Final Decision: CPC 1100, will be picking up tomorrow Skyris 236M, ordered
  5. Thanks for the help, however Jupiter I believe is roughly at opposition right now, so I want to get some good images before it's gone.
  6. Would any kind of guide scope linked to the motor be necessary, or would the standard mount alone do the job?
  7. Ok, thanks. I'm gonna get into making a list of equipment. I will post that here today or tomorrow if you are interested.
  8. So an 8" can be better than a 14" for imaging?
  9. Thanks for the help! This has swayed me from my previous thoughts about a smaller setup.
  10. Thanks for the help, I do not currently have a place for permanent setup, but I will when I move into a larger place. Might even get a small observatory by Pulsar. I can dream...
  11. I have previously used a Nexstar 4SE and a 12" non-motorised skywatcher dob, but have been looking to get something more serious.
  12. I have saved up some money and have decided to buy some new astrophotography equipment. Basically looking for a whole setup: telescope, camera, laptop (if needed) and mount, aswell as various filters that may be necessary. I want to image planets and the Moon, and possibly the Sun. My preferred budget is £4,000 and the absolute maximum is £5,000. I would appreciate if anyone would give some advice on what to get. Thanks, Corkeyno2
  13. Just uploaded to my YouTube channel! Once again thought people here might like it, so here it is:
  14. Quick Question: I have a budget of £2000, but reasonably flexible. I want to get serious with backyard astrophotography and take some really nice images, preferably deep sky but also allowing for some planetary. I need to purchase an entire setup: scope, mount, camera etc. What should I get? Thanks in advance, Corkey
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