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  1. 12 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

    It's a HP Pavillion, about 5 years old with i5 processor, 8gb ram, I think from memory, originally running Win 8.1.

    Will it run "latest" Linux ?


    Dave, it will run MATE no problem. My ACER REVO R3610 was made in 2009 and it has significantly less specs than your laptop. On Ubuntu Mate, repositories (think of them as a bank for software) as straight-forward for installation/updates.

  2. This guide in the link works well for just about any PC. The author wrote it for Raspberry Pi 3 but i managed to follow it and installed a working system on an old ACER REVO R3610.


    There is a pdf as well (attached) with all these steps. INDI/EKOS/KSTARS is soo much fun, with a basic ACER REVO R3610, i managed to run three DSLRs in a triple setup. I could do the same with APT on windows but it KSTARS has acquisition+plate-solving+guiding all in one program. 

    Can you imagine what an automated observatory can do with three scope running simultaneously? That's my end goal!!!

    Jasem and all the devs on INDI-forums are absolutely helpful, so much so that my routine when i wake up first thing is check updates/posts on the forums because it's very active. Above all, it is open-source. It's far from perfect but I can't think of any community that is powered by Astro-enthusiasts and the general direction that INDI/EKOS/KSTARS will take will be large determined by the community. So why not join in? :-)


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  3. Hi All,

    New member to SGL but have been a visual observer for a while.

    I'm planning on doing some EAA with the pupils I teach and thought I should check the current options for cheap CCTV/cameras suitable for the job. I am well aware of the famous CCD webcams and box cameras (Phillips SPC 900, LN 300, SCB 2000 and SCB 4000). I own two SCB-2000 with IR window removed but i've never quite liked the quality of the video.

    In looking for a cheap alternative to the Revolution Imager (fantastic product with the kit) as I am here in the UK and it might cost me a bit to have it shipper over (coming to ~£250), i came across the actual body of the camera (for those looking to go without the full kit and need the camera only as some of us already own reducers/UTC remotes etc):



    I also managed to come across some interesting cameras sporting the Sony 178 CMOS sensors. These are the same specification as being offered with the new range of QHY5L-IIIs and the CCTVs themselves have a USB port on the back (finally):



    The specs of this next camera are very interesting. It suggests an incredibly sensitive camera (1/3" Super Sony HAD II) that is on paper is much better than the Revolution Imager/LN300 (1/3" Sony 811 CCD):




    1.What do you guys think of these options listed above?

    2.Are the CMOS sensors approaching the sensitivity and dark noise of the previous Sony HADs?

    3.At the price of £130 compared to +£300 for the QHY5L-IIIs, is this a bargain or is the internal circuitry unable to provide the clever control required for EAA (can this be overcome with processing?).

    Lastly, how can one know/tell if a CCTV camera has sense-up option? is it the electronic shutter or something that the manufacturer has to mention in the specs specifically?


    Many thanks in advance for your contributions.



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