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  1. Hi, do you also have the vixen saddle/puck that comes with standard guidescope mount? Will.
  2. Dave, it will run MATE no problem. My ACER REVO R3610 was made in 2009 and it has significantly less specs than your laptop. On Ubuntu Mate, repositories (think of them as a bank for software) as straight-forward for installation/updates.
  3. This guide in the link works well for just about any PC. The author wrote it for Raspberry Pi 3 but i managed to follow it and installed a working system on an old ACER REVO R3610. http://www.astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-kstars-indi-linux/project-kstars-indi-linux.html There is a pdf as well (attached) with all these steps. INDI/EKOS/KSTARS is soo much fun, with a basic ACER REVO R3610, i managed to run three DSLRs in a triple setup. I could do the same with APT on windows but it KSTARS has acquisition+plate-solving+guiding all in one program. Can you imagine what an automated observatory can do with three scope running simultaneously? That's my end goal!!! Jasem and all the devs on INDI-forums are absolutely helpful, so much so that my routine when i wake up first thing is check updates/posts on the forums because it's very active. Above all, it is open-source. It's far from perfect but I can't think of any community that is powered by Astro-enthusiasts and the general direction that INDI/EKOS/KSTARS will take will be large determined by the community. So why not join in? :-) Pi3setup4Dec16-2.pdf
  4. Hi All, New member to SGL but have been a visual observer for a while. I'm planning on doing some EAA with the pupils I teach and thought I should check the current options for cheap CCTV/cameras suitable for the job. I am well aware of the famous CCD webcams and box cameras (Phillips SPC 900, LN 300, SCB 2000 and SCB 4000). I own two SCB-2000 with IR window removed but i've never quite liked the quality of the video. In looking for a cheap alternative to the Revolution Imager (fantastic product with the kit) as I am here in the UK and it might cost me a bit to have it shipper over (coming to ~£250), i came across the actual body of the camera (for those looking to go without the full kit and need the camera only as some of us already own reducers/UTC remotes etc): http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-HD-700TVL-Sony-CCD-CCTV-Security-2-8mm-lens-Wide-Angle-Auto-Varifocal-PCB-Box/32683730536.html?spm=2114.01010108.3.275.Ugj0on&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_10,searchweb201602_4_10057_10056_10055_10049_10017_405_404_10059_10058_10040_10060,searchweb201603_6&btsid=36adc86b-2bb8-4371-9c78-f3b88e26bad7 I also managed to come across some interesting cameras sporting the Sony 178 CMOS sensors. These are the same specification as being offered with the new range of QHY5L-IIIs and the CCTVs themselves have a USB port on the back (finally): http://www.aliexpress.com/item/POE-CCTV-Surveillance-Camera-2560-1920-Hi3516A-1-2-SONY-178-CMOS-H-265-5-0mp/32576468632.html?spm=2114.01010108.3.125.qQyZxZ&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_10,searchweb201602_4_10057_10056_10055_10049_10017_405_404_10059_10058_10040_10060,searchweb201603_6&btsid=35cd2717-5e13-46b1-8064-320ab754e0b9 The specs of this next camera are very interesting. It suggests an incredibly sensitive camera (1/3" Super Sony HAD II) that is on paper is much better than the Revolution Imager/LN300 (1/3" Sony 811 CCD): http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-3-Sony-CCD-700TVL-EFFIO-E-Super-Low-light-Professional-Box-Camera-with-2-8/32685517159.html?spm=2114.01010108.3.148.txXtqB&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_10,searchweb201602_4_10057_10056_10055_10049_10017_405_404_10059_10058_10040_10060,searchweb201603_6&btsid=bbd2bed9-ef3e-462e-b88b-c76b8ba57bcd Questions: 1.What do you guys think of these options listed above? 2.Are the CMOS sensors approaching the sensitivity and dark noise of the previous Sony HADs? 3.At the price of £130 compared to +£300 for the QHY5L-IIIs, is this a bargain or is the internal circuitry unable to provide the clever control required for EAA (can this be overcome with processing?). Lastly, how can one know/tell if a CCTV camera has sense-up option? is it the electronic shutter or something that the manufacturer has to mention in the specs specifically? Many thanks in advance for your contributions. Astro_will
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