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  1. Ok. By the way rockystar, someone recommended that I buy the same scope as you for good planetary viewing. They said it would be a good upgrade from my Skywatcher Explorer 130p. Would you recommend it? Of course, I know the atmospheric effect in the UK will affect this but either way, would you recommend this scope for Planetary viewing?

  2. Hi everyone!

    My telescope came with 2 eyepieces, a super 25mm and a super 10mm. The other day I was looking at the moon (using my super 25mm and a x2 Barlow as always) and I decided to swap round my super 25mm to my super 10mm and it was a much better image! I could see right into the surface and view the craters inside the craters! Can someone please explain why the smaller diameter eyepiece works better?:headbang:


  3. Hi everyone, I'm slowly adapting my knowledge of Astronomy and Astrophysics and  have purchased a 'Sky-watcher Explorer Diameter=130mm Focal Length=900mm' (see image) . I would just like to know what kind of eyepiece to buy to get a good view of Mars because my current view with a 'Super 25mm' eyepiece is very disappointing :sad2:.




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