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    Star gazing,shooting,fishing,long walks,bike rides,gaming,reading,watching films,listening to music,creating videos
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  1. Hope its clear skies tonight wanna use my first scope iv3 had it a week and not bin able to use it my days

  2. Yes like that lol so it has bin done then
  3. You will all be seeing me around and as of now im very happy as my scooe got dispatched today although the wait is 3weeks for arrival but no matter looking forward to making new friends also i will upload a pic but they keep telling me there to big so annoying
  4. Your all so welcoming thanks guys
  5. Hay pete im perry from cheshire nice to meet you
  6. Now this has probally bin done and if not i already know why but its just a brainwave Basically you know how the hubble telescope looked at a single patch of sky for 11 days straight and brung back a spectacular image well i was thinking could we do that from earth could we setup a global observation of people all around the globe starring at the same patch of sky and gather all that information together and see what image we could create i mean this is just a idea if anyone could help speculate on this and if its even possible to do somethimg this big again im new to all of this and this idea migh not even be possible but if it is and any1 out there could give insight on just how possible it is then please say or if its a bad idea then just say i wont be disshearted but there you go 8 mean i dont even onow how the information would be put together or gatherd but surely theres a way and if not then ao be it would be amazing if this was possible though
  7. I hope i can eventually do this that looks amazing
  8. Thank you all for the nice comments and the scope is yet to arrive very frustrating. And the funscope is a starter scope its about 50 pound its got alot of strong reviews And yh i wont be upgrading till later on next year btw the funscope is 72mm
  9. Hi everyone im new to this today im from cheshire bough my first scope the other day the orion fun scope it will keep me going till a more expensive approach next year happy gazing john and all very excited to watch the skys in more deph
  10. Oh yes great stuff mate
  11. Thank you mate very excited to get my scope just waiting now, have you bun doing this long
  12. Furious pez

    New to this

    New to this just bough my first scope the orion funscope,while i have always bin into space and alien conspiracys etc but thats another post anyway im new to star gazing with a scope and hope to be a active member on this site and looking forward to picking peoples brains especially when it comes to branching out on a more expensive scope so guys hope to talk to you all soon by the way i will only be doing planetry observations for the start
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