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  1. Thank you, I've yet to do that, that's just straight off autostakkert at the moment.
  2. Thanks for all the advice, I'll get a 2x Barlow first (1.6) as my 2.5x is too much and I still have the focus depth problem. Apparently there's a recessed 2to1.25 adapter available but expensive. It would work though as I'm only out of focus by about 3 to 4mm. Thanks again
  3. Thank you, someone suggested a b.mask but the problem i have is the focuser in wound in close and to its limit and wont go in any further. Im using a revelation 12" Dob. (very wobbly) but im getting there. Once ive located a target i focus into toward it and it gets clearer and clearer until bump stop and i know a little closer and it would be in focus. Im using the philips Toucam II flashed up with a 1/4 adapter and its pushed all the way in to the body (to try and get it closer). Its great through eyepieces but would be great to capture a few frames in focus to represent what i can see. Thanks again
  4. Hi, last night was fun but way too hot and blurry, I finally gave it a try. First try at the moon tycho, and Saturn. The focuser doesn't go close enough to bring the cam into focus properly. I'm not sure how to get round that but I'm having fun trying to get to grips with it all. I used autoStakert for the bouncy blurry Saturn with no barlow (don't have one that works with my 1500 focus) and I stacked a few frames of the moon. Do things really start to clear up a bit in the winter months? Any advice you can give me ref: getting Saturn to look better would be appreciated, it looks so much better through the scope !!:)
  5. I flashed the toucam 840k to a spc900 last night all into windows 10 now, ill give that a go when its clear next. thanks
  6. Hi hope skies have been clearish for you all. Im determined to get this xbox cam to give me some form of results first before i bother sorting out my Toucam . Any suggestion is a good one.... problems im having. 1) levels, i cant seem to get sharpcap to change levels properly, ive tried other users settings and i end up having to restart as the image screen just goes blue/black/noisy when i change stuff like exposure/brightness/size etc and wondered if anyone uses anything else thats easy to use? 2) Barlow, its a 2.5x (i think in reality its 2.1) and i cant get the cam to see anything through it..... ill wait for the moon for a good test but its sooo hard using a big Dobsonian. Its like the focus distance of the cam is too far away when the cam is in the barlow. thanks !
  7. Hi Barry, what are you using to capture this? i actually did the same last night although not good enough to bother stacking yet i know conditions are not great this time of year, but im having focusing and barlow issues with mine at the moment. Well done
  8. Thanks again, I've modded it, I.e. Taken it apart removed the SMT LED from the board strengthen the cable is now ready for the adapter. Soldering is non issue as this is a very basic board and I solder fine pitch components for a living. I'm not sure a mod for long exposure would be any good on my dobsonian anyway. I'm a newbie to this but hope to learn. Thanks for the advice again.
  9. Thanks Bill, only problem before i mod it is i cant get the damn thing to work in Windows 10. or my other laptop windows 8 for that matter. i have the CD but that doesnt work ..... im struggling to find a driver and sharpcap cant see it directly like it can with the xbox one. frustrating
  10. 'Skywatcher' BK 1025AZ3 , its been recommended on the forum before as being nice, cheap fairly good wide views. Theres one on ebay unused looks like its going cheap. looks ideal for a start,easy to use so the kids can get started on it too. if you dont like it, you could re-sell it for pretty much what you paid. Good luck and hope you get started
  11. its a 12 inch dob, revelation F5. Thanks for the info, its also a toucam II pcvc840k . i need to get an adapter for that one though.
  12. Hi, i was wondering if anyone has the time, could they explain what the webcam is seeing using prime method? I currently have an xbox webcam (99 pence from game shop) ive done the mods and it works ok in sharpcap .... i also have a toucam i havent modded yet. ive scoured forums and general Google-ness but am curious how it works with the scope? What is it actually seeing with the CCD exposed? With no eyepiece in front of it in the focuser surely it must be a tiny dot (Jupiter) that its trying to focus on? I know its not exactly the best conditions at the moment but im hoping to have a crack at the moon this weekend if the clouds break. thanks
  13. So youre saying that a 6mm eyepiece with my scope will give a nicer result rather than trying to Barlow things for a bigger image? Am i right in saying i dont really want to Barlow anything more than a 15mm eyepiece if im using a 2.5x barlow? (250x ish) thanks agani
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