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  1. Hey guys thanks for all your useful replies. I managed to extract the pattern rejection map with PI. I believe the source is tracking related (dithering in one axis or a little image shift) and I have eliminated it by using spiral dithering.
  2. hi i just checked the frames and it drifts in the same direction. I do belive you are right it is a dithering problem. i currently am using the small settings. will Spiral do it? thanks
  3. hey folks I have an OIII image and its integration time is 20X10min. As you can see I have some weird banding noise in there, it only appears in OIII and Blue filters, and it only appears once in a while. i have not been able to find a solution. maybe you guys can help me out? thanks P.S. It is not vertical nor Horizontal but diagonal
  4. Thank you guys for your Comments. i will probably buy it
  5. Hi folks I do AP and I want to buy a used Apo refrector. I have found this WO megrez 90 and it is a good deal, but it has some scratches on its front glass. the rest of the optic is in a good condition. Do these scratches have any negative effect on AP? does it make any CA or coma or any kind of problems? Regards, Rez
  6. Thank you. Great suggestion. Do you have any article or websites; which shows how to do the basics?
  7. hey folks I need to move Laptop away from the rig, is there anyway to send data via any wireless assembly without needing 2 computers? Thanks in Advance, Rez
  8. Thank you guys for your answers. No, unfortunately my indoor means inside the car with the heater on, and the moisture is likely to kill anything electronic, like it did to my new Nikon DSLR. hey. unfortunately i cannot spend on something like another laptop. i am saving up for a new mount, or an apo. This looks Great. Thank you. I'm gonna give it a try.
  9. Hey guys it is getting really cold and this is the first time I'm using laptop in the field for imaging, so I have no idea how to use the laptop in subzero temperatures. Last year when i was checking something in Stellarium, my screen just froze and did not work until i had it warmed. I get that it is Liquid Crystal, and will freeze in subzero temps. So how can i use it in the filed, all night long, without freezing it to death? Sorry for bad English Regards
  10. Guys i have contacted ZWO and they said it is some sort of hardwire failure. I have sent it to them and i currently am waiting for their side of the story. Thank you all for your time and nice replies.
  11. Hey guys I started this zwo 1600 problem topic yesterday, but I couldn't get the answer. I have found that my problem is temperature related. when the sensor chamber drops below zero the download hangs. Sorry for the new topic but i am getting really tired of this. Could you please help me out?
  12. Yes it was diffrent. But right now I'm using laptop on battery just like i did in the filed for the test (cooler off). So the power to zwo itself is the same.
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