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  1. Rather belatedly reporting back! Have had the Opticrons for a couple of weeks now but no opportunity so far for stargazing. Will be on the W coast of Ireland in a few weeks time, so hoping for some nice dark skies... I can say that they're startlingly smaller and lighter than the Pentaxes though.
  2. Thanks again Steve. I think I'll probably go for the Opticrons; will report back!
  3. Thanks, good suggestion. As it happens, a copy dropped through my letterbox this morning . I'd actually already read the section on choosing bins, courtesy of Amazon's handy 'look inside' feature... Thanks Steve, that sounds promising. Would you say they're of comparable optical quality to the Pentax? One thing I did notice about the Opticrons I mentioned trying was that they seemed easier to focus accurately and quickly than the WPIIs. I don't know whether this would be down to shallower depth of field, and if so whether that's good, bad or neither...
  4. Thanks both. I think what I'd really like to know at this stage is whether the Pentax has unusually large eyepieces. If yes, then I suppose I'm reasonably safe ordering something else online. (I have emailed the Binocular Shop to ask about the Imagic's eyepiece - no reply as yet.)
  5. Hi, first-time poster and novice stargazer here. I’m looking for a pair of 10 x 50 binoculars, mostly for astronomy and some bird/wildlife watching. Budget is around £150, but could creep up a bit with a good enough excuse The only local shop has a very limited range. I tried a pair of Opticron Explorer WA 10x42, which I liked a lot, but presumably won’t be ideal for astronomy, and are £200. (They’re also roof prisms, which from what I’ve read won’t be as good as equivalently-priced Porro prisms?) After trawling through a lot of archive posts here and elsewhere,I ended up g
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