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  1. Chris The M25C is an APS sensor as you have now worked out. In my case, and another that I know of here, the TRF2008 is quirky in that the advertised "55mm" doesn't really give a flat image, far from it. The testing we did shows a decent image is obtained at about 50mm, and to this end using a DSLR and T ring and the ensuing 55mm gives rubbish images. Try it and see. Gary
  2. Yes. Great company, equally great product, ask for Wayne. wayne@starlightinstruments.com Gary
  3. Hate to be the bearer of slightly bad news, but experimentation I have had with my TRF2008 shows a distance of about 50mm is required. This stuffs any use of the TRF2008 and a DSLR, as you don't (normally) have the luxury of adjusting the distance reducer to chip. I got around this with my SXVR-H16 by using the SX-OAG and a TS filter drawer, and I screwed (and I mean physically screwed) the OAG to the drawer. Gary
  4. And I believe it can now plate-solve, correct? If so it is a very serious contender. I used AA4 and loved it. Gary
  5. I believe Starlight make an extension, so maybe try them, or their dealers/agents. Gary
  6. I've just tried the two above images through a beta version of the processing package I normally use, Images Plus, and the results are way better. I can't work out how to edit the two posts, so have attached the replacement images here instead. I didn't want to have to spring for the upgrade, so might have to work a bit harder with DSS. Gary
  7. OK, breather between games. Attached is a stack of 13 subs, each 120 seconds, ISO800, Sony Nex5, Lomo 102/650 using the AT2FF. Processed in DSS. Not the best stacking and or processing (I seem to have blown the colour somewhere), but pleasing enough just the same. Gary
  8. Hi John. yes, I just found that, and re-stacked the NGC104 shot(s). I'll go grab it once the footy finishes (big weekend of footy here, although you guys in the Antipodes don't want to know this). Gary
  9. Yes, prime focus, attached in this order. Focuser (2") - flattener (AT2FF) - T ring (Sony Alpha) - adaptor Sony Alpha to Nex. I also use the TRF2008 instead of the AT2FF. Gary
  10. The way I see it, it's not so much THE camera, but more the way the software packages work with the camera. And to that end there is really a clear winner, Canon. In my case (Sony) there is no astro packages at all, as far as I know. Gary
  11. And to reiterate that you can use most any camera if you are stoic enough, LOL. Sony Nex 5, so essentially a digital point and shoot. 21 subs, each 120 seconds, ISO1600, bias/darks/flats of course. Used the GT81. Had to stack in DeepSkyStacker, as Images Plus (my usual) is not able to do the Sony RAW files. If there is a downside to this shot, it is the Hutech LPS, it gave a horrible blue cast, and one which I can live without, so next time out I am going naked, to heck with the LP. Gary
  12. For astro unfortunately it is Canon all the way, but the only real reason is the fact that it just is. The software out there is predominantly all Canon, this doesn't help either. Being different I too am bucking the trend, I own an a700 and love it. Takes exceptional astro images too. Of late I am playing with yet another Sony, the. NEX5, initial indications are encouraging. Try what you have, you might be surprised. Gary
  13. I know the feeling. It happened to me a while back, got tempted by a nice Lomo triplet, 102/650. Sliding draw tube extension, so bino-viewing without a corrector, Feather Touch focuser, all the bells and whistles. Go for it. Gary
  14. I'd try the MN you already have, acquiring those bits you don't currently have. If you find that the Mak isn't up to it then look elsewhere. Some of my best lunar and planetary images came from an MN66. Gary
  15. Any reason why you can't or don't use PulseGuide? This assumes EQASCOM of course. I use it and enjoy it, plus it is one less cable. Gary
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