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  1. Finally a clear night and no need to get up (too) early tomorrow !! Seen the weather report on the Clear Skies app and immediately informed the missus shed be going to bed alone tonight. Got all my kit up and running in the garden and prepared myself for a few hours of viewing. First thing i noticed was how much id forgotten... so just keeping it simple and going for some obvious targets like double stars and the moon to get used to the equipment again (this is only my fith outing). Want to use my new phone adapter to grab some simple pictures but a bad bac
  2. That is a good point stu, it might have just been a coincidence then with the fact it was the first time using the dew heater so i assumed that was the issue. Will obviously be taking it out so will hope to see improvement the next time. cheers for all the advice guys.
  3. Ahhh ok, i turned it right down when doing some viewing but the clouds were being a pain so was usually like "quick look over there!" Lol. Hopefully get some clearer nights in the coming weeks for saturn etc ... just cant wait for it to start getting dark again
  4. Also forgot to mention i caught my first glimpse of the I.S.S blasting over and like mach 1 ! ... very damn hard to track on a telescop and if it wasnt for my friend with me id have been so engrossed in the moon/planets i would have missed it!! ... ps any of you who dont have these two apps (android anyway) should definatly get them. One is called "Clear Outside" and is 90% accuarate with the weather also giving great info on sunset and sunrise and when viewing will be best aswell as letting you know when the iss is visable. The second is "Night Sky Tools" which has a very good live
  5. Hello everyone, second big night out with the scope and wasnt a bad one at that. The moon was at 98% full so bright as a spotlight on my now "claimed" dark sky spot out in the sticks around fife. Didnt see anything but the brightest stars but Jupitar, Mars and Saturn were still there shining bright as always to much enjoyment. The moon however was spectacular. I found that the moon filter was taking alot of the detail away and hiding alot in shadows so opted to use a 90° angle mirror and a barlow coupled with a 20mm lens to give a duller picture and it was fantastic! Got a quick pic
  6. Good ol' thread revival here, see your from fife my friend. Have you been in contact with any local groups/observation parties etc ? ... Would be interested myself to get involved when im home from work and meet some people who have been at this longer than me! Dont be affraid to get in touch and clear skies.
  7. Well sitting in Edinburgh airport waiting on a plane to spain just lamenting over the lessons learnt from last nights observation session ... One its bloody cold outside past 2am. Two astrophotography is effing hard. And three dew is a complete buzzkiller ... Got right on in there with the constalations and learning my way around the sky so looking forward to the next session. Managed to get cracking views of jupitar, mars and satyrn as well as splitting a few double stars and even a faint globular cluster ... Hurray for ne !!!
  8. Right guys some excellent advice and ive been studying my copy of "Turn Left At Orion" the last two days - weather forecast for tonight is quite promising so going to get out and do some serious observing. Plus im hitching a flight tomorrow at 6am so going to pull an all nighter and sleep on the plane. Been doing sdme research into smartphone astrophotography and have also got a mount for my smartphone so will hopefully try that out in conjunction with a smartphone app called "Camer FV-5" ... Wish me luck and will report back tomorrow afternoon with my results. clear skies
  9. Thanks again chaps for the welcome posts and advice. Really appreciate the community you have here to getting newbies up and running, was out last night for the first time for a good few hours and the north of scotland sky outside of inverness is just amazing. was getting to grips with orientation of the constelations and just trying to work my way around the sky bit by bit picking out areas of interest. Unfortunatly i was south of inverness so when looking north i got a strong light pollution but the southward sky was crystal clear and managed to get a total amatuer shot of jupitar and 3
  10. Thanks for the speedy responses guys, sound advice. Wont be looking to go mad with high tech equipment yet, still just getting the feel for now. I will look into that book baggy and im not looking to be smashing out images of distant nebulea anytime soon, just looking to share what i can see with friends and family that arent willing to Stay up all night lol. main problem i have is like i said im traveling alot in a works van and dont fancy having expensive gear in it all the time plus the nature of my work takes me on some pretty hairy back roads which means it will need to be tou
  11. Hi everyone, just dived two feet first into my new hobby and hoping to get some advice from all the veterns on here. Been interested in the night sky since i was a young lad and my job as an engineer has me traveling around the counrty often to remote places and (especially in the winter) some beautifully open, out of the way skies. After my most recent bindge watch of both Prof. Brain Cox series on Netflix (the chill didnt happen as the missus had fallen asleep while watching - suppose not everyone is as enthusiastic as us) i decided i wanted to view the wonders of the universe with
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