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  1. hi Flounce welcome toSGL and hope you have some good viewings
  2. Hi Jarmo And welcome to SGL. just like me got my first scope over a year ago but never seem to get it set up. Good viewing in the future and hope you can post some pics. As for the broken english I would never had noticed. Stewart
  3. Thanks for all the advice and will give careful thought on which method to use
  4. Hi all I have had my Skywatcher 130mm reflector in the boot of my car for a few weeks without being used. I had a look at it today an found it had quite a few thunderflies on the main mirror even though I had the front cover on. Any Ideas who or where I can get it cleaned and roughley how much it will cost. Thanks
  5. Just seen it pass by. Never cease to amaze me how quick it passes. Question. Would you see any detail with a spotting scope with mags of x23-x75 ?
  6. Hi all I live in a flat on the outskirts of bedford. I am new to the hobby but do not go out with my scope as much as i would like, as going out to a dark sight on your own is not advisable. I was just wondering if there was anyone in Bedford in the same predicament as me and would like to team up on clear nights for the odd observing session this would be from about 7.30 to midnight at the latest as work calls next day. I drive so could pick up if interested
  7. Hi All Yes you are all right they are the chinese lantern thingies. I got caught out on Xmas night seeing about 10 flying northeastwards out of Bedford at about 9.15. Thinking if the were lowflying aircraft I posted on another forum for advice. The answer CHINESE LANTERNS!! They do look funny from a distance and they do go quite high
  8. Hi all, just new to this and have a Skywatcher 130 with a focal length of 650mm. I went out the other night with my scope and Canon 1000d DSLR. I have a T-ring and attached the camera to the focuser with the aim of taking a few shots of the full moon,but could not get a decent focus. I have been to one scope supplier and he said I need a camera converter. Could anyone tell me if this is right and also some names of converters to try. Thanks all
  9. Stargazer49

    Hello all

    Hi to everyone. Have been interested in astronomy since I was a kid,but never had a telescope. I know a few of the major constellations but never sure where to look for the planets unless told by an expert. Now single and living alone it was an ideal time to join the local astronomy club and get a telescope. I now have a Sky-watcher 130mm, and a pair of binos. Also an EOS 1000d dslr. The aim is to try and do some astro-photography but not successful yet . Hope to pick up lots of help from here and also give some help to beginners just like myself.
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