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  1. Cheers for the information Carbon and Peter , unfortanly they are white lights so looks like the filters are not going to work, will look at UHC instead
  2. Hi all Where I live on side of the sky as dark and the other side we have a retail park about 1/4 mile away, I was trying to see some DSO but had no luck as I think the retail parks lights might be the issue. I was wondering what sort of Light Pollution Reduction Filter to get as looking at FLO they have a few, but I have no idea which one will perfect for me to use with an eyepiece and with a Celestron Skyris 274C CCD. Any advice will be great and thank you in Advance
  3. Scorpy42

    Hi :)

    Thanks for All the replies and warm welcomes Sorry I haven't replied sooner, thought I would wait till I had good news (plus I have to push myself to post cause of social anxiety) Long story short i found the tripod on another site I got amazon to refund me the amount to get the tripod there Yesturday the tripod came and I finally got to set up the telescope, ( after updating ). Spent a few hours yesterday in the back playing around with it and sorting out Starsense and I could of spent all night out there Just got to learn how to make it quieter so I dont wake the neighbours , hope one day to get to a dark site Thanks again for warm welcome and I can never say no to pizza and margaritas
  4. Scorpy42

    Hi :)

    Thanks for the welcome and the tip :), have just bookmarked FLO into my iPad for future purchases, as I'm not sure about getting the celestron GPS and also Wedges as I've heard that are good for Imaging but I have to amit I don't know much about them . Will be looking at past posts on here to broaden my limited knowledge and skills
  5. Scorpy42

    Hi :)

    Hi all Been an member here for a over a year browsing through posts, but never posted, so thought I would give it a go I live in High Wycombe and for the past year have been using a Celestron Astromaster 102 I got on my 30th bday to gaze up into the sky at night Last week I decided to upgrade so I ordered a Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25 and a Celestron StarSense (after reading the very lengthy and helpful posts with people's opinions on using it) Was looking forward to using my new scope this weekend, but low and behold amazon only delivered the scope and not the tripod Looking at at the reviews ( Im kicking myself that I didn't checked before hand) seems it's happened to allot of people that have bought the scope from them https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00K6E1VUS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Have contacted them and they are going to send a replacement ( with the tripod hopefully), just thought I will warn others So hopefully will be up and running by the end of this week

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