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  1. I just don't know the name of the galaxies also I don't really care about the lp cos' I'll just try to look for i
  2. Hi guys, does anyone have a list of observable galaxies from a 10x50 bino? Cheers!
  3. Hey guys, I have a problem trying to find M31, it only appears in the morning in Mackay, Australia so I don't think I can see it with a 10x50 Help? Or helpless??? Thanks
  4. btw, are the configurations of the binos the same or are there different configs for different types of binos (if there are any). Also is the magnification for binos the same as telescopes????
  5. hmmm, right now I'm having ~$100 AUD, so I'm looking for a 10x50 that is about $110 down
  6. So any brands will do or are there any trust worthy brands that I should consider?
  7. how about somewhere that is not inside a desert, cos' I can't afford to go there, plus I'm in Queensland state, so I know that'd be the best place, but I'd rather go somewhere between Queensland and Victoria
  8. Ok, so what I'm getting out of this is let's get the 10x50 first cos' it won't make any differences for me as a beginner comparing to the 20x80 or 15x70. So as to acey, he said I have to go somewhere where the Milky Way is visible to the naked eye. Any suggestions for that regarding in Australia???
  9. oh nice!!!! Thanks!!!!!! But will the image become blurry if I type some crazy numbers? (Just wanna ask cos' I don't know if it's gonna respond to that)
  10. Hi guys! I'm buying my self a new binoculars, but I'm having trouble from choosing "The right One". I know how to choose an appropriate one to see things clearly, but I don't know how big the magnification and object lens is needed to see my 1st 2 targets, Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy. I want the view to be big enough so that the nebula can fill nearly the whole field (If that's possible). Right now I have enough budgets for the 10x50, but I doubt I'd get that result, so I'm considering a 20x80... Any suggestions??? (If you can post some of the pictures seeing from a 10x50 or 20x80 it would be wonderful) Also are there any sites in Australia that I can go to to get a wonderful view of the Milky Way with naked eye (I suppose you'd say the desert but let's not talk about that, somewhere near Queensland or Victoria will do) Thanks
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